Canyon Strive CFR: Shark Attack’s hacks maxed

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EWS beast and all-round ace human ‘Shark Attack’ Jack Moir has been a big influence on the new Canyon Strive CFR. His race mods have all been ‘made flesh’ with this new enduro race machine.

Canyon Strive CFR
Canyon Strive CFR

Canyon Strive CFR nutshelled

  • Out-and-out race-centric enduro bike
  • 160mm travel frame (or 140mm in ShapeShifter Pedal mode)
  • 170mm travel fork
  • Carbon only
  • 29er only
  • 63° head angle (in ShapeShifter Shred mode)
  • Yep, ShapeShifter on-the-fly geometry adjust remains
  • 15mm BB height adjustment – and 1.5° angle change – via ShapeShifter
  • 10mm adjustable reach via headset cups
  • Longer reach (505mm on Large)
  • 25% stiffer front triangle
  • Coil or air shock compatible
  • 2 models in the range (£4,849 or £6,099)
  • Available now via

The previous Strive came out in 2019. Back then it was the only 29er with a decent amount of travel that Canyon offered. As such, it had to wear several hats. From bike parkers through to trail riders. It kinda felt a bit lost and wooly for an enduro bike.

The new Strive is free to get specific again. It’s very much an enduro race bike for winning at the very highest level.

Canyon can’t quite help trying to slightly expand the bike’s remit in its marketing but really, unless you’re between race tapes and against the clock, you’re very likely to be better suited to Canyon’s Spectral bikes.

Anyone who follows the EWS and is adept at screenshotting Jack Moir’s Instagram stories will have noticed that his Strive wasn’t exactly an off the peg machine. It was a hotch-potch of hacks to get the bike to ride slacker up front, ride higher dynamically and just be a bit quieter.

This new Strive announced today is essentially Jack Shark Attack’s hacked Strive made life.

Canyon Strive CFR geometry

As well as these geometry changes, the Strive has different chassis stiffness, altered suspension kinematic and a little bit more travel.

The ShapeShifter is still present and correct. The remote lever appears unchanged, as does the rocker unit itself. But, crucially, everything immediately around the ShapeShifter has been tweaked to affect the suspension behaviour.

ShapeShifter 101

Canyon no longer consider the two ShapeShifter modes as Uphill and Downhill. They’ve dubbed the two setting Pedal and Shred. To be frank, Shred is still Downhill. Going downhill? Stick it in Shred setting.

It’s the Pedal/Uphill setting that is being re-designated. The idea being to explain the Pedal setting as to be for contouring, smoother, slower, tighter terrain. As well as fireroad grinding. It’s not as locked-out firm as on the previous Strive. It’s still relatively active to maintain traction and comfort. That said, Pedal setting is designed to be more supportive than Shred.

Anti squat was increased around the sag point. To help offset pedal kick, anti squat drops away quickly after sag. The anti squat drops away even further when the bike is in Shred setting.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand this.

Oh, it can accommodate air or coil rear shocks. Air will still offer a little more bottom out resistance and support, while coil will all be about sensitivity.

While the side profile of the new Strive looks very similar to the previous Strive, the tube profiles are almost all revised with a view to increasing chassis stiffness. The frame weighs a claimed 2,700g which, although a tad heavier than the outgoing Strive, is still only 100g heavier than the Canyon Spectral 29.

CFR Underdog vs CFR

Spec sheet

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  • Canyon Strive CFR: Shark Attack’s hacks maxed
  • Premier Icon reeksy
    Full Member

    Missing a few key Moi Moi mods, like the full SRAM AXS treatment.

    … I’d still ride it though

    Premier Icon Sharkattack
    Full Member

    I’ll have the orange one in poverty spec please.

    Premier Icon Northwind
    Full Member

    I think that’s about the first shapeshifter bike I’ve ever thought made much sense. There’s easier ways to make a big bike climb, but having a tauter trail mode seems way more useful.

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