Fresh Goods Friday 595 – Big Fork, Little Bar, Cardboard Box Edition

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It’s Friday again. Easter is approaching and, soon, summer will be here. Or is it spring? When does it all start? Anyway, not long now until those blue sky days and all-day rides that leave you dusty, tired and in need of a cold beverage. For now, though, you have to take it as it comes and look out of the window to see what you need to wear. Do you have a grab bag of gear ready to go for when the moment strikes? That spare two-hour window between clearing up from breakfast and going to B&Q? Or perhaps you’re more of a start of the day rider where you’re back and showering by the time that normal people are wandering around in their dressing gowns, looking for the kettle. 

This week has seen a special birthday for our own Charlie Hobbs, who’s birthday treat from his fiancée was to go to the Turkish Baths in Harrogate to get steamed, hot pooled, cold pooled and then ‘beaten with pillows of air’. He’s not been the same since. Mind you, that might have been from another kind of steaming, later on in the pub. 

Anyway, we hope you have a fine weekend and manage to get out and do your favourite things – which hopefully involves mountain biking among them. 


Shotgun Pro Child Bike Seat Handlebars

Handlebar accessory for the Shotgun child bike seat with a quick release fitment for lightning fast fitting and removal. 355mm extra-wide bars with 19mm undersized grips for little hands. Fits 31.8 and 35mm handlebar diameters with full rubber handlebar protection, suitable for flat or riser style handlebars, fits stems up to 60mm wide.

Shimano Stuff

Benji has got something in the works. A bike build. It’s Super Mega Top Secret at the moment. Suffice to say, it’s going to be a Big Mountain Bruiser. The new Fox 36 below (sorry, spoiler alert!) will be pressed into service. And he’s opted for Shimano for his drivetrain (and brakes actually but we featured those SLX 4-potters in a previous FGF).

With it being the year of 2022AD things aren’t quite as straightforward or consistent as the Before Times. The drivetrain is a mix of XT and XTR and XT (there’s also an XT chainset, not pictured here). Like a lot of folk, Benji is still in need of a cassette. He’s eyeing up various weight-weenie alt. brands at the mo.

Abus MoDrop Mountain Bike Helmet

Poor Benji landed on his favourite helmet recently, and he wanted a fun colour to replace it. He found a pink and mint green Abus MoDrop, complete with contours, so he asked for one. Only he didn’t specify a colour, and now he has a black one. Still, his head is safe once again! Features all the usual helmet technology, and an added bonus of the Bug Mesh.

Updated FOX Factory 36

“The iconic Fox 36 receives a new crown with more steerer tube overlap improved stiffness and durability (whilst shaving 20 grams off the overall weight).” Read all about it here.

Lazer Jackal KinetiCore Helmet

Lazer KinetiCore offers a new type of rotational impact protection, and ours came with a toy to demonstrate it. Available in matte black, black & white (mostly black), matte blue (looks black), and matte light blue (just a hint of light blue on a mostly dark blue helmet). Check out the full details of this helmet here.

Ortlieb Seat-Pack QR

A waterproof saddle bag with ingenious quick-release mounting that can even be used with a dropper post. I (Amanda) used this bag for a bikepacking trip in Spain, and I can confirm that it really is as good as the hype. It clips into place with ease, it doesn’t move around when you’re riding and it doubles as a really good mudguard! Sanny has also taken one on an adventure you can read about here.

  • Storage capacity volume of 13 litres⁠
  • Elastic cord array on the outside⁠ – 28cm x 48cm x 22cm⁠
  • Maximum load weight is an impressive 4kg⁠
  • Total weight of the pack itself is 625g
  • Contains zero PVC and is sustainably produced in Germany⁠

Lezyne Pocket Torque Drive

This is an adjustable torque tool for out on the trail, with hardened steel bits with a corrosion resistant ‘Black’ coating. That’s not just the colour, it’s the name of the proprietary coating, which is tested by leaving the items in a salt bath for up to 4 days. This tool is only just out, so we don’t have UK pricing yet, but if you want to have everything set just so, this could be the tool for you.

Ritchey coffee

When you’re 50, you need a bit of a pick me up to help you out. Coffee may help.

Singletrack Issue 142 Art Prints

142 cover art
Just me, my bike and the hills. And then a great descent home.

These have just landed on Charlie’s merch desk. An awesome illustration by Anders Engberg. He originally submitted it as part of his ‘Mirror Mirror’ article inside issue 142, but we took one look at it and knew we had to put it on the cover. Be sure to check out his other illustrations in his Behind The Build series.

Andes says… “It feels like we often get caught up in ourselves and our self fulfilment projects these days. We spend so much time and effort staring at our own reflection that we tend to miss the bigger picture. With this painting I was hoping to illustrate one of those spots along the trail where we can disconnect and step away from ourselves for a little while. This is acrylic/oils on illustration board. I’m 100% stoked to be on the cover.

Available in A3 and A4. they are printed on recycled “White Unicorn” 0.7mm thick material.

Specialized 2FO Roost Clip Shoes

Grey or black to suit your mood

‘From hot laps to cold beers at the bar’, goes the blurb. These clip-in shoes from Specialized are a subtle take on the clip-in shoe. Laces and normal colours mean that you can wear these without people asking why you’re wearing ski boots indoors.

WTB Tie Dye T-shirt

  • Price: ~ $25
  • From: WTB

WTB were selling tie dye T-shirts in all kinds of colours and patterns. And by the time the staff had taken the scissors to them in the 100 degree heat and turned some into vests, there were all kinds of styles to be seen too.

Charlie’s Birthday Bum Butter Deal

Bum Butter

You may have missed the story about Charlie’s 50th birthday Bum Butter deal, where he had a good rant about running out of time. For the next few days, or when Charlie’s hangover wears off (which ever comes first) there is a whole fiver off what Charlie describes as “the world’s leading sports arse cream”. Normally £17.99, now only £12.99. He literally has your arse covered.

Giro Rumble VR shoes

Ride, spin, Zwift, commute, whatever…

The Giro RumbleVR shoes are a simple, lace-up, clip-in shoe that should work for anything you throw at it. Whether first clip-in shoe, or something you need to be equally good on or off the bike, these look pretty swish and will feature in our ‘not that racy’ clip-in shoe test later in the year.

Thread of the Week

This week’s TOTW goes to Rich for getting the ball rolling on some crap jokes…

#STWFGF Winner

Every week we running a competition over on Instagram to win a free subscription to Singletrackworld (or some other item of merchandise if you’re already a subscriber/member). Simply tag your riding pics with #STWFGF on Instagram and… that’s it.

We sift through the tagged candidates at the end of each week and pick a winner. The winning #STWFGF pic gets proudly displayed in Fresh Goods Friday.

Congratulations go to @miaridesherbike for this week’s winning shot. Email we’ll sort you out with your prize!

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Hasta la fuego!

Yo La Tengo doing Sonic Youth better than Sonic Youth
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Amanda is our resident pedaller, who loves the climbs as much as the descents. No genre of biking is turned down, though she is happiest when at the top of a mountain with a wild descent ahead of her. If you ever want a chat about concussion recovery, dealing with a Womb of Doom or how best to fuel an endurance XC race, she's the one to email.

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  • Fresh Goods Friday 595 – Big Fork, Little Bar, Cardboard Box Edition
  • TrailriderJim
    Free Member

    Can I go first with “how much???” please? Twelve hundred and forty pounds for a Fox 36 fork that we’ll no doubt see on every other gnarpoon soon enough, wow. Ker-ching, Mr. Fox.

    Full Member

    I’m guessing that the Lazer helmet’s profit margin is pretty much £100 greater than the Abus’s

    and ‘From hot laps to cold beers at the bar’ – gimme strength.


    A Miserable Middle-Aged Man.

    Full Member

    So they’ve mad the crown/steerer stronger and creak-free AND saved weight? I’m sceptical

    Full Member

    I don’t get clipless shoes that have flat pedal / skate shoe soles.

    You have a smooth sole on a flat pedal shoe for better pedal contact. This compromises grip when walking of the bike, but it makes for a much better shoe / pedal interface.

    If you have clips you don’t need to worry about grip on the pedal its taken care of by the cleat, so why compromise your ability to walk off the bike by sticking with a smooth sole?

    Full Member

    Flat clipless shoes are designed for the big platform spd pedals so you get the big platform and pins as with flats but are clipped in. Also, you have grip if not clipped in.

    Full Member

    That ortleib saddle bag looks great. I may find myself needing one.

    Free Member

    The new Fox 36 looks like the original Rock Shox Pike.

    Full Member

    It does doesn’t it! I guess it’s just acceptance that a proper arch is a really good shape to make archey things out of.

    Free Member

    So they’ve mad the crown/steerer stronger and creak-free AND saved weight? I’m sceptical

    The creaks aren’t a strength thing, they’re a poor design or execution thing (that they know they can get away with). So it’s totally possible that a redesign could be lighter and creak free, other forks have managed it in the past. I love my 36s but it’s a total pisstake that they almost inevitably end up creaking and that it can be fixed by stabbing in an aftermarket replacement- that just proves that Fox (and often Rockshox) did it wrong in the first place

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