New Canyon Spectral:ON CFR has a 900Wh battery

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The Canyon Spectral:ON CFR remains a 155/150mm travel mullet wheel ebike but now has much more range power: 720Wh or 900Wh battery options.

Canyon Spectral:ON CFR

Canyon Spectral:ON CFR press release highlights:

“Man kann nicht auf zwei Hochzeiten gleichzeitig tanzen.“

That’s a saying in German. Direct translation? You can’t dance at two weddings at the same time or, as the English saying goes, „You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

Conventional wisdom is clear – you can’t always get what you want. Consider E-MTBs … For years, riders have been told that they can either choose a clumsy, boat anchor of a bike with a big battery and massive range … or they can buy a lighter, playful bike with a small battery and abysmal range. What they can’t have, however, is a single bike that boasts both great ride quality and range.

At the risk of flinging dirt in the eye of conventional wisdom, we think that’s utter crap.

The all-new Spectral:ON is proof that you can have your cake and eat it too – playful, nimble ride quality combined with the power to reel off the biggest rides. To make all that a reality, we went back to the drawing board and designed an even lighter and stronger, full-carbon chassis. While we were at it, we also co-developed our own state-of-the-art power supply. The end result is an e-mountain bike that gives riders the two things they want most – outstanding ride quality and the power to ride all day long.

Starting from scratch, we cleaved massive weight from the Spectral:ON chassis. The new bikes are now fully carbon – gaining a carbon rear triangle for the first time.

That same drive to make a truly bombproof beast led us to bolster rear end stiffness with the addition of a new seatstay bridge and the adoption of burly ball bearings that now revolve around massive 15 mm thru-axles at both the main and seatstay pivots. The obvious upside is suspension that remains smooth in crappy conditions and outstanding durability. A less obvious (but no less important) benefit is a noticeable boost in handling precision as the stouter connec- tions between frame members boost rear end stiffness–some- thing you appreciate when pushing the limits of speed and common sense.

We gave the Spectral:ON a more balanced and centered feel on steep des- cents by growing reach 25 millimeters per frame size, slackening the head angle by a degree and adding five millimeters of length to the chainstays. We also lopped about 20 millimeters of length from the seat tube, giving riders more opportunity to run longer dropper posts that make it easier to maneuver the bike on descents.

The Spectral:ON is now available with both 720 and 900Wh batteries that boost your mileage and stoke factor by 15 to 42% respectively.

900WH = 97,2 km 2.132 m elev.

720 WH = 77,7 km 1.681 m elev.


3.84 kg


4.75 kg

We also optimized battery placement within the frame itself. Tilting the Shimano EP8 motor upwards at a 30-degree angle allowed us to tuck the battery lower within the frame – in front of the motor instead of above it. The end result is a lower center of gravity.

We’ve also made refueling the Spectral:ON a hassle-free affair whether you choose to charge the battery on or off the bike. The new Spectral:ON features a Rosenberger self-locating, magnetic charger plug. Charging the battery on the bike simply requires flipping open the waterproof charge port cover and letting the magnetic charger plug snap into place. No potential for broken connecting pins or imprecise connections – the magnetic attachment is simple, proven, and holds up to years of repeated charging.

For riders who prefer to remove the battery and charge it outside of the frame, we’ve engineered a new battery removal tray that’s easy to use and absolutely secure – pull the lever, unscrew the two Allen bolts that secure the battery, and slide it right out of the downtube. A built- in charge indicator on the battery housing itself helps you gauge how much charge remains stored within the battery even when the battery is disconnected from your bike.

Our Canyon:ON bar and stem reduce cockpit clutter by al- lowing you to route wiring through the bar and stem. What’s more, our novel headset design (born from a partnership between Canyon and Acros) enables us to route the cables through the headset.

Thanks to clever engineering, we were able to increase range by 15 % with 720Wh batteries while actually reducing overall bike weight.

For instance, our flagship 2021 model, the XTR-equipped Spec- tral:ON CF 9, tipped the scales at 22.5 kg (size M). By contrast, our new XTR-equipped Spectral:ON CFR is 610 grams lighter than its prede- cessor despite being equipped with our larger 720Wh battery.

When equipped with our massive 900 Wh battery, the new Spectral:ON CFR weighs just 350 grams more than its predecessor, yet boasts a 42% boost in battery capacity.

Five models in total
Canyon Spectral:ON CFR geometry


Canyon Spectral:ON CFR LTD £10,499 (£10,249 for Small with 720Wh battery)

Scanyon Spectral:ON CFR £8,649 (£8,399 (£10,249 for Small with 720Wh battery)

Availability is down as “May”. Pre-ordering is available now via

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    Not more cables through headsets the quicker that dies a death the better

    Sounds like some good progress in the design and manufacture stakes, but not exactly dainty. A bit of a stretch to pursue the ‘light & nimble’ marketing route.

    That said, the tilted-up motor and lower battery placement is a clever move.

    Hard to get my head around a bike with more rear suspension than front though, even on a mullet.

    They lopped 20mm off the seat tube and a small frame still has a 420mm length?

    They could take another 20mm off and still be longer than many brand’s medium…

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