Internet Rummagings – The Italian Job

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Ciao ragazzi e ragazze! For this months delve into the internet bike shop back room, we shall be staying primarily in Italy, a country steeped in cycling history and tradition, but almost exclusively for road bikes. I plan to find some MTB related coolness, curiosity and no small helping of…

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  • Internet Rummagings – The Italian Job
  • big_scot_nanny
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    Those bikes are tragic. One assumes a great deal of thought, effort and cost has gone into creating them. But then from advertising to execution, just a bit tragic.

    Those rotors strike me as generating turkey-gobble on steroids!

    ‘Quite’ likely we are not the target audience, however. Like my old LBS in Der Schweiz who would, for one particular customer but he was not unique, EVERY YEAR take an s-works turbo levo, upgrade (yes, upgrade) the shit out of it where possible, then stick slicks on. only ridden on the road, probably wearing what those guys are. 2019 example below:

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    After that, I doubt we will see VENT Bikes appearing on a FGF any time soon.

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    I thought the LDV 500 was a Sherpa van b.I.t.d

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    Unfortunately, I can’t unsee what I have just seen (vent).

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