Urban Riding Video Round Up

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There’s more to life than trails. Just as once you start to look, you’ll see plants growing in every nook and cranny of the urban world, there’s a way of looking at the built environment that sees ride lines, jumps and drops. Here’s a collection of some recent releases.

More Walls – Sebastian Keep

No amount of anti skateboard fixings are going to stop this kind of thing. Pigeon netting, maybe?

“I want to put my wheels places no one has ever been”. – Sebastian Keep

More Walls, the follow-up to 2017’s now-legendary Walls, is finally here! Building on his previous Walls project, BMX star Sebastian Keep brings his kickers back to the flyovers, overhead walkways and sheer sides of buildings in the urban landscape of UK city centers. BMX 2021 has seen the world’s best take to a new stage at the Olympic games but Bas has brought back his iconic urban riding with a BMX street edit like no other, maintaining the BMX variety.

If that’s not enough for you, there’s a behind the scenes video too, to show you how it was done.

Jake100 – SUR//REAL

It’s all a bit like the opening scene to 28 Days Later. Glad there’s no fast zombies…

When we entered the first lockdown here in the UK, I knew that I had to use the permitted time outside to continue doing what I love, riding my bike.

The first time I hit the streets at night I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was still London, the buildings were there, the lights were on, but the people were missing. There none of that London buzz, it was absolutely surreal. I instantly knew I had to somehow document this but the challenge was how? I didn’t want to add to the situation, so I knew this had to be a responsibly distanced two-man project. I sketched a plan, rang up my mate and brilliant videographer, Send It Brad, and together formed a plan.

We spent every night filming on the empty streets of London two hours at a time for the next four weeks. I am extremely proud of how it turned out and how we managed to pull this together with all the restrictions and challenges we faced along the way. While it’s cool to look back on this project, I do, however, hope that I never have to see London like this again.

Surreal was shot over a month-long period during the 2020 lockdown in London by myself and ‘Send It Brad‘ in accordance with the relevant health and safety guidelines and under strict compliance of the rules in effect during that time.

Think ride opportunities in urban settings are just as vital as wild trails in the mountains? Read these…

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