Singletrack MegaSack Countdown Day 3 – Continental Tyres & Sealant

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The incredible giveaway continues, and with such a shortage of tyres around at the moment we think this is going to be an especially popular prize. If everyone else is still riding bald and old tyres, these might just make you the fastest rider around too (although they’ve already got a solid race pedigree). Let’s take a closer look.

Continental Der Kaiser Project 29 x 2.4 x 2, RevoSeal sealant x 1ltr

  • Price: £64.95 (each tyre), £28 (sealant)
  • From: Continental

Today’s giveaway is a pair of tyres plus a whole litre of sealant to set them – and a bunch more – up with. The Der Kaiser Project tyres have been developed for top level competition at the UCI World Cup and the EWS, with input from Atherton Racing. The tread is designed for dry to all round conditions, and is made with their top quality Black Chilli compound, only made in Germany. This particular set you could be winning is the tan wall variety – though we’re tempted to call it ‘bronze wall’, as it’s a rather fetching almost metallic coppery colour.

continental tyres

The Continental RevoSeal sealant – Revo as in Revolutionary – is ammonium and protein-free and stays effective right down to an incredibly chilly -20 degrees centigrade.

Cant see the video? Try here

How do I enter?

Log in to reveal the entry form in this story and answer the question you’ll find there. The answer you seek will be in the video above.

Answering the daily question gives you two chances to win: you’ll be entered into the daily draw for that day’s prize; and you’ll also get one entry into the Megasack draw.

Every time you correctly answer a daily question and enter a daily draw, you get another entry into the Megasack. You can go back and enter the daily answers after that daily prize has been drawn, and it will still give you an extra entry into the Megasack draw.

The rules are strictly one member one entry/day. If we detect any attempt at multiple daily entries we will remove all those users entries from the draw.

And another thing… Really sorry to our overseas readers but we can only send prizes to a UK address. If you have a friend or an address you can use in the UK for a prize then by all means enter.What will Mark be drinking by his fireside when he picks the MegaSack winner? *

Winner Day 2

Yesterday’s winner has been picked and the lucky recipient of a Muc-Off Pressure Washer is user: bumsy7

Congratulations! Watch out for an email in the next few days to confirm and we’ll have it sent out to you asap.

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  • Singletrack MegaSack Countdown Day 3 – Continental Tyres & Sealant
  • brakestoomuch
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    Congratulations to bumsy7 for having the best username! 😀 Oh, and winning, of course.

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    Started getting entry emails again today. Is that new?

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    Must be. Didn’t get one for days 1 and 2, but did get one today.

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    No ‘Ding’?

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    Video’s not working again… 🙁

    and as soon as I post that, it works. 🙂

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    Thank you 😁😁😁😁

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    Mmmm, I’m a 53 year old kid,as I still ride a 26″cotic….26 ain’t dead.

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    Do we get a bonus entry if we are currently rocking said hairstlye? 😉

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