Peru vs Sheffield, Auzangate or Bikerdelic? Video Head To Head

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Two very different videos for you – maybe you’ll love both for different reasons? Or maybe one will bore you silly and the other have you reaching for your bike? Both make for long viewing, so grab a cuppa and take them in.

Shared Territory – Auzangate

First up, a bikepacking style adventure, with a BMX! It’s a whole half-hour movie length feature charting a serious adventure in Peru, with serious message and thought provoking narrative.

If you find yourself in Cusco, Peru, and look to the east, you’ll see a snow-capped mountain. It will likely be more massive than any mountain you have ever seen. The mountain has been the guardian, the giver of life, the Apu of not only Cusco but all the communities that live in its shadow. This mountain is known as Auzangate. At 20,945 foot Auzangate is the fifth highest mountain in the Peruvian Andes and is home to the last remaining pastoral societies in the world.

The goal of Shared Territory is, and always has been, to connect with others with the hope of better understanding the shared experiences that make us all human. In our third film, Auzangate, we set out on an expedition with a team of Peruvians. Led by a local fortune teller, we circumnavigated this mountain to document the people and places we found. What we found was an unrelenting mountain that had a different plan for us. The story that Auzangate wanted to tell was a story of human generosity at its absolute best.

When you visit Peru, please connect with Fidaluz of “Peru Ancestral” and Manuel of “Peru by Bike.” Not only did they help with the depth of this story, but they are also some of the greatest folks you spend time with. They will take your journey in Peru to new heights. Like 18,000 feet of heights!

Bikerdelic – An MTB Movie from Sheffield

In the other corner, we have a home-shot fun-packed 15 minute whirlwind of tricks, jibs and fails. Home-turf street and woodland messing around, there’s nothing serious about this except the skill.

Bikerdelic is a mountain bike movie filmed in Sheffield. Berm Death are a small crew of mountain bike riders from Sheffield. We spent the summer filming this movie when we were asked to make something for a video premiere after the local bolehills BMX track halloween track jam.

The bike riders in the video are Ross Jarman on the Calibre Sentry, George Finney on the Calibre Bossnut and Tom Weir on the custom Juliana Furtado. Adrian Wood is also featured riding his custom Clique Dirt Jump bike. There are also a few features from our friends MC Roper and Brandon Steel.

We hope that when you watch this mountain bike film, you’ll get a feel of what it is like to ride in Sheffield. There is a huge scene of amazing riders and sick trails here. Big up to everyone involved along the way. We’re buzzing to show you this video, and we’re already out filming the next one. If you want to see more of our MTB videos and things that aren’t big enough for YouTube, head over to our instagram @berm_death for a look.

Which of these two contrasting films do you enjoy the most? Yes, we know they’re massively different and there’s things to like for different reasons, but there’s no third way here – except to head to the comments and expand on your choice!

Want more MTB video? Head here.

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  • Peru vs Sheffield, Auzangate or Bikerdelic? Video Head To Head
  • Premier Icon Fahzure Freeride
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    My god the Pearl movie was horrific. I hope they are forever grateful for how Peru and Peruvians saved the project and them.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog
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    I solo back-packed around Ausangate in 1999 after my climbing partner got frostbite on Alpamayo. I was using a photocopy of a hand-drawn map I got from the South American Explorers’ Club in Cuzco, beautiful place though the glaciers were already receding drastically even then.

    I can’t help thinking that the guys in that video made a bit of a meal of the whole thing.
    Anyway, given the choice between Peru or Sheffield, I’d go Peru every time. Unless food came into it. That town they started from, Tinki, is the place where I had the worst meal Ive ever eaten, basically a lump of grey-hued gristle and a pair of colour-matched, lukewarm potatoes. I’d take a Sheffield chippy tea over that every time.

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