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Internet Rummagings | The Pick Your Own Geometry Edition

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Welcome to this month’s edition of Internet Rummagings, where I rummage around in the more embarrassing parts of the internet, so you don’t have to! (for clarification, that’s weird and wonderful bike websites…) Dawley Bikes Prize for the best bike manufacturer web address goes to Dawley Bikes with ‘Bike Manufacturer’ may be doing a bit of heavy lifting here, as what they actually are, are Thom Dawley, his workshop, and a desire to make something that wasn’t available off the shelf (his blog on the website discusses BB height and drop at length).  Now, the generous soul is offering...

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  • Internet Rummagings | The Pick Your Own Geometry Edition
  • rOcKeTdOg
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    Those Ti cranks are not high on the beauty chart are they?

    Full Member

    Strong cthulhu vibes from that stem…

    Full Member

    Rather like that Fenrir…

    Braking(tm) are, more or less, the people responsible for wavey shaped brake discs, love ’em or hate ’em the buck stops in Italy (I don’t like them, because it’s mostly bullshit, but I also like them because they look cool and so I have Braking discs on the motorbike)

    I like that they’ve been around for ages but in 2021 being called “Braking” makes you think of cheap chinese stuff, like Snail chainrings and Bikein pads.

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    Ra hard tail is indeed lovely. Thanks for the run through Tom, enjoyable written and interesting content. (How’s that for some boring middle aged feedback!) 🙂

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    That Moss G5 was built just down the road from me – they make some lovely track bikes as well.

    I had a go at trying to turn the crank under my own power but not a chance. The long seat stays are for the parachute.

    And yes, it’s a suspension post.

    Full Member

    interested to hear about the ra but the dawley doesn’t look bad value in a world where a chameleon is 850 quid.

    Full Member

    I’ll do another thread on the Rå in a couple of weeks, when my frame arrives 😀.

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    Those internal cable ports look way prettier than the BTR and Marino ones which just look like a bit of pipe sticking out of the tube. Bikes look nice as well.

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    What on earth is going on on the chain stay on that OTT cycle, looks intriguing, can anyone explain for the hard of engineering?

    Full Member

    What on earth is going on on the chain stay on that OTT cycle,

    It looks like a chain tug built into the chainstays and then the derailleur mechanism behind the bb acts as an automatic chain tensioner, making it easier to change the gear at the back.

    I’m guessing the tug could also change the stay lengths too.

    Pure guesswork on my part though.

    Full Member


    OTT bike, as there is a cable going there, plus parellogram and what appears to be high/low stops I suspect that this is a derailleur system rear and then tensioner front – like bikes in the 1930 before Campy invented the ‘modern’ derailleur/tensioner – see osgear as example from mid 1930s:×683.jpg

    Also now see the Lal Supredrive

    Lal Bikes Supre Drive – A Better Derailleur Solution?

    What goes around and all that! 🙂

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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