The Tarpless Tour | A Celebration of Mountain Biking Friendships

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Up and down the country, clusters of riding friends navigate their way round local trails and personal challenges. The bikes help them fall apart, and stick together. Stephan Fowler brings us a tale from one such group. ‘The Tarpless Tour’ is possibly a somewhat confusing name for our annual pilgrimage to foreign lands, but all will become clear. This is a story of celebrating what mountain biking brings to a bunch of guys suffering the effects of lock-downs and just life in general. Typical Thursday outingOur kids are now getting a bit goodTo give you some history, our group of...

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  • The Tarpless Tour | A Celebration of Mountain Biking Friendships
  • baffledcodemonkey
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    Telling it like it is Mr F. Brilliant writeup and let’s hope Tarp Mark II lives again in the near future. Kudos to Hannah and Singletrack for letting you tell the story of why this sport is so important

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    Brilliant story. Thank you to STW for publishing it.

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