Video Vault: A Downcountry Rampage?

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Grab yourself some downtime with this round up of videos from the bike world.

Vittoria Syerra

What is downcountry? What makes a downcountry tyre? This new video from Vittoria will reveal all…

Wild and Loud

It’s nearly Rampage, so all the riders’ fancy paint jobs and builds are being revealed. Here’s Ethan Nell’s YT Tues.


And another Rampage build, this time Brandon Semenuk’s build with apparently secret and unique AXS bits on it. Kind of a tame paint job though, so maybe there’s another wild design yet to be revealed? It’s not like you’d turn up to Rampage without a spare bike…

20 Years Pushing the Limits of Freeride MTB

Fancy shmancy bikes with electronic and carbon bits on? Perfect for throwing off the edge of a cliff. Take a few minutes and admire the pioneers of this event as they tackle the same terrain with little more technology than your kids have in their pogo sticks.

Oakley Icon Way Jumpline

Fancy getting some jump practice in? This new uplift accessed jump line at Dyfi bike park opens this weekend and is the bigger sibling to 50 Hits, offering progression and some competition to Revolution’s Vision Line.

The Lost Ways

Back to wheels on the ground, and some important missing links on out Rights of Way network. If you want to get involved with this campaign, head here.

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