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British Cycling Launches new Coaching Scholarship

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British Cycling have made significant promises and shifts in the past year. We’ve seen a boost in campaigns, new staff and a wide range of strategies for the future. The latest move from British Cycling aims to boost representation within their coaching staff.

Say what you like about British Cycling, but 2021 has been a positive year for the teams, organisation and things look promising for the future. This latest scholarship has been launched in partnership with Total Computers. The aim is to give people the opportunity to gain new skills. Want to get into coaching? Check out the scholarship details and apply, applications are open until 31 October.

This links to another move from Welsh, British and Scottish cycling as they aim to find out how they can better support BMX. If you have some time, complete the consultation. Collectively, if we don’t have a say, nothing can change. We encourage people to get involved and give feedback as well as applying for things like scholarships.

Who can Apply?

In year one of this four-year programme, we are inviting applications from individuals who are:

  • Aged 18-30 (when the application window closes on 31 October 2021),
  • Passionate about cycling and ideally already coaching, leading or volunteering (across any discipline),
  • Aspiring to become a high-performing community/talent/or performance coach,
  • Able to commit to a two-year, part-time learning programme starting in January 2022,
  • Able to travel to opportunities as part of the scholarship and cover associated costs (however your programme of development will be created in unison and flexibility can of course be accommodated where required).
British cycling

British Cycling Scholarship

In a bid to boost representation in the coaching workforce – and less than two months on from announcing a partnership with inclusion and digital innovation at its heart – British Cycling and Official IT Partner, Total Computers, are now accepting applications for their newest coaching scholarship – with a particular focus on people from underrepresented groups.

Currently, just 1.7% of the coaching workforce is from an ethnically diverse background, 26% are female, 10% have a life-limiting illness or disability and 5% are under 30-years-old.

The two-year scholarship programme will provide up to 14 individuals who are committed to a career in talent or performance coaching with the opportunity to work closely with British Cycling’s performance staff and Education team in order to broaden their understanding of cycle sport and further their personal development.

Scholars will have unlimited access to British Cycling education awards, workshops and personal development opportunities, complemented with exclusive money-can’t-buy coaching experiences in a range of high-performance settings.

Scholars will also receive mentoring from an industry expert who will coordinate a personalised learning and development journey.

Prospective Scholars have until Sunday 31 October to apply for the scheme before the first intake is announced later this year. Each cohort (starting on an annual basis in January 2022, 2023, 2024 and finally 2025) will have a different focus, meaning any budding candidate will have at least three further opportunities to apply for a Total Computers Scholarship.

Cycling should be for everyone

Cycling should be a sport and activity for everyone, and we hope that our commitment to inclusion comes across clearly.

We’re passionate about using our partnership with Total Computers to improve inclusivity within cycling, and we know that making our coaching workforce more representative will show the people they coach and others in our communities that there are pathways open to them in our sport.

We look forward to announcing the latest intake of scholars later this year and of course continuing to work with Total Computers for the next four years.

Simon Hibbert, British Cycling’s Head of Education.

What have British Cycling announced for future?

British Cycling have made quite a few announcements this year that cover a range of disciplines and changes. Here they are if you missed them:

Interested in the scholarship? You can apply and get more details here.

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  • British Cycling Launches new Coaching Scholarship
  • matt_outandabout
    Full Member

    Oh look, another BC thing focussed purely on high level competition, indoors and lycra wearing….

    Meanwhile volunteer coaches and ‘recreational’ coaching or anything involving dirt is ignored….

    Full Member

    @matt_outandabout have you filled in the BMX/freestyle surveys? It’s a chance to ask for something different.

    Full Member

    Kind of agree with Matt, but also hoping it will have a ripple impact and get more volunteers stepping forward to take part in coaching as bike clubs seem to have a surge of new people joining them – which is great, would be even better if they had some coaching support to help them progress*.

    *Progress isn’t just covering racing (which seems to be the main bone of contention here as I agree that racing isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of cycling), so there should be stuff there to help them develop skills and confidence that encourages them to take their cycling further, whether that is in to racing or just riding in more challenging conditions/terrain.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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