Gowaan Gals help Robin Goomes get to Audi Nines

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If you’re not sure who the Gowaan Gals are, they are Bex Baraona and Martha Gill, two speedy, amazing women who ride bikes. As regular riders on the EWS circuit, you will also find them hosting events and posting some cool stuff to social media. Gowaan Gals started back in 2017, and since then their mission has been to give back what they can.

Recently they’ve donated some cash to Robin Goomes to help her get the Audi Nines. Robin is the first woman in history to backflip at a Crankworx event. She threw down during speed and style in Innsbruck.

To help her progress and continue their work of giving back, the Gowaan Gals gave Robin £1000. The gift was to help her cover expenses to compete at Audi Nines.

Here’s what the Gowaan Gals said about the gift:

Gowaan Gift

Robin Goomes is a relatively new name to the mountain bike world. But it’s a name we won’t be forgetting any time soon! Robin laid down the first female backflip in competition at Crankworx Innsbruck Speed & Style this year, putting herself firmly in the limelight. After getting to know Robin more through the races, and learning that she was scraping by off her savings (in true privateer style), we thought this was the perfect opportunity to step in with our new initiative, A Gowaan Gift.

Both myself (Martha) and Bex have made our careers in mountain biking starting out with nothing but our own determination. Making a break in the industry can be hard. Whilst receiving products is greatly appreciated, receiving financial help is what gets us to events and helps us gain vital experience and exposure. This is why we want to help up-and-coming riders that have the Gowaan attitude. The gift, a straight-up lump of cash. A Gowaan Gift – to enable them to make their dreams a reality!

Robin was initially invited to Casey Brown’s Dark Horse Invitational event in Canada, but due to COVID19 restrictions and travel logistics, it wasn’t possible to get there. However, this money is helping her get to Audi Nines in Europe, and be amongst the first females at this freeride event. We can’t wait to see you shred there Robin and follow where biking takes you in the future!

If you want to help support Gowaan you can browse our shop and treat yourself! We are a not-for-profit company which means any money we make goes straight back into helping grow the sport, including our Gowaan Gift initiative. Check it out here.

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  • Gowaan Gals help Robin Goomes get to Audi Nines
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    This is a great thing! Robin looks not too be wasting the opportunity, either. It’s a shame this kind of support is needed given who the event sponsor is, though. But we could say that about a lot of things in life.

    Still a great event, with better representation than ever before. Onwards, and most definitely upwards!

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