Fresh Goods Friday 560 – The Padded Pyjamas Edition

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Ahh yes. Early summer holiday weather. Schools have broken up, the caravans have been woken from their slumber and it’s still a bit tricky to go abroad, so most people are looking forward to a bit of a staycation. Cue endless days of Monopoly in the B&B/caravan/van while the rain hammers at the windows and the children (in body and/or mind) ask when it’s going to stop and can they have some more chocolate?

We’re sorry that we can’t do much for the weather. Just pretend it’s December, drink sherry and do some window shopping for your perfect bike build for when the weather improves. It WILL improve, right? We’ve already seen the Zwift threads appearing on the forum again, they obviously don’t think so…

But here’s to a late summer reprieve, followed by an Indian Summer of sunset rides and mountaintops. In the meantime, let’s make the most of things by ogling some Fresh Goods!

SR Suntour GVX Gravel Suspension Forks

Need a little spring in your gravel bike step? The SR Suntour GVX suspension fork is designed specifically for gravel bikes with travel ranging from 40mm, 50mm and 60mm. Suntour has based the GVX on a 32mm chassis housing an air-spring, rebound adjustment and a lockout lever for those tarmac springs. We have the 40mm travel option in for test and will have a review up in the next few months.

Hope Union TC Pedal

Earlier this week, Hope Technology released a range of new SPD pedals. The Union pedals come in three flavours from XC Race to Gravity, but we have gone for the TC Trail pedal which offers a smaller platform compared to the full-on Gravity pedal but uses the same Hope developed cleats to offer either 4 or 5 degrees of float. Hope has obviously planned for UK riding conditions with each pedal running on 3 x cartridge bearings plus an IGUS bush for smooth running. Like Hope’s flat pedals, the Union TC is fully serviceable and rebuildable and Hope will be offering a Titanium axle upgrade in the future.

Fovno Monster Chainset

Fovno has sent through a new XC/Trail 1x chainset named the Monster. The chainset is a 3 piece system meaning that the axle is separate from each crankarm. Though the Fovno Monster looks like your standard crankarm from the side, peering from the top reveals CNC machined channels through the arm. Fovno supplies the Monster with a BB and users can choose to run a standard 104BCD chainring with a spider or a direct mount ring.

Fovno Goblin Chainset

The Fovno Goblin was the first Fovno chainset to make use of the company’s new CNC machined channel design. Compared to the Monster, the Goblin is an overbuilt chainset and weighs more than the Monster. It’s not clear what the pricing for these chainsets will be in the UK but we have asked Fovno to confirm pricing and let us know of a UK distributor (if they have one).

Vee Tire Co. Rail Rocco

We generally associate Vee Tire Co. with downhill and enduro racing, but the Thai company is one of the go-to brands for BMX racing tyres and Fat Bikes. They also make a range of XC tyres that I think would make pretty good gravel options. The Rail Rocco is a lightweight XC tyre with a supple 120tpi casing. The samples we have sent for test boast Vee Tire Co’s B-Proof puncture protection technology and uses their DCC dual-compound technology.

Vee Tire Co. Rail Escape

The Rail Escape appears to be a fast-rolling XC tyre, perfect for dry conditions or hard-pack trail centre laps. Like the Rail Rocco this looks like it could also be a perfect gravel tyre. Like its knobbly brother, the Rail Escape uses a dual-compound rubber with a fast central rolling tread with softer side knobs for cornering grip.

Leatt DBX 5.5 Neck Brace

Hannah’s partner, Fahzure, needed a UK race wardrobe, so he’s got himself a new set of kit for DH racing. First up is this neck brace, which sits in the middle of Leatt’s flagship neck brace range. If you look on the Leatt site there are some unpleasant diagrams and statistics on spinal injuries and the reduction in likelihood you can get with a neck brace. This one is also designed to avoid contact with your collarbones, so you’re also less likely to break them if you crash.

Leatt 3DF AirFit Body Protector

This body protector offers elbow, shoulder, chest, side and back protection all in one. It’s pretty bulky and not light, but you’re only going to be wearing this for plummeting, not pedalling. With mesh and vents where possible to keep you cool, but it’s hand washable when you do get stinky. It’s even certified to motorbike safety standards. Fahzure is wishing he’d worn this suit to bed, since he’s sporting a hefty bruise after Hannah elbowed him in her sleep (she claims she was dreaming she was fighting off an attacker).

Leatt Impact Pants 3DF

Hannah previously tested the shorts version of these, but the leggings come with the added benefit of coccyx and upper hip bone protection pads made from 3DF. Sticky knees help keep your kneepads in place – because who would wear all this but skip the knee pads?

Powell Peralta Vato Rat Skateboard

Charlie says… A brief detour from bikes. The week that the new concrete skatepark opens in Todmorden (just 3 mins from Singletrack Towers), and Sky Brown makes skateboarding cute and respectable at the Olympics…. I decided I shall relive 1984/5 with a Powell Peralta reissue of their Rat Bones deck and Mini Cubic wheels. In the mid-eighties I was Sky’s age and when “Back to The Future” came out it transformed me from the weird kid on a skateboard into the coolest kid in town. I actually hung onto the back of a milk float and waved at girls.

Now, let’s see what I can do about de-cute-ing skateboarding. Sleeves cut off T-shirt, check. Torn up jeans, check. Checkerboard vans, check check check check check. Slamming and swearing loudly in front of little children….  

Oddly Britain’s 1980s national champion Sean Goff was mentioned by the commentators at the Olympics. Meanwhile this retro delivery was on its way to me from Sean’s eBay shop. Click the video below to travel back to 1984.

Now let’s take an exciting look at this skateboarding craze.

And we have some staff news too. As early readers of the magazine will have seen, Chipps is going to be doing less of the day to day hamster-juggling at the magazine so that he can concentrate more on the writing and direction of the print magazine, while Hannah is moving up to a Managing Editor role. Congratulations Hannah and no, Chipps isn’t retiring 🙂

Hannah is so organised that her new beer arrives before she’s finished the first beer…

And finally… Given that the weather is looking typically ‘British summer’ we were going to play you out with Saxon’s cover of ‘Ride like the wind’ but we figured that the original needed an airing, so here you go. Ride like the wind! And this is particularly dedicated to the brave souls riding the Great British Divide, which is going on right now, in all weathers. Give them a cheer if they come past…

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  • Fresh Goods Friday 560 – The Padded Pyjamas Edition
  • Premier Icon edhornby
    Full Member

    Is the Christopher Cross choice a coded message that Chipps is going to buy a yacht and this is the start of his YachtRock playlist ?? 🙂 congratulations Chipps and Hannah on your new jobs

    Premier Icon sillyoldman
    Full Member

    Thanks for the Lance Mountain video clip – takes me back!!!

    Premier Icon DezB
    Full Member

    Lucky Todmorden getting a new skatepark! I’d love to have a ride on something like the Olympic park. Just carving round it would be amazing.

    Here’s a question – would putting sus forks on a gravel-type frame designed for rigid forks put extra strain on the frame?

    Premier Icon Matthew Hornby
    Full Member

    would putting sus forks on a gravel-type frame designed for rigid forks put extra strain on the frame?

    Less, because impacts are being absorbed by the spring and not the frame. That is unless the extra length of them was so long it significantly altered the leverage, but that’d mess up the geometry too.

    Premier Icon DezB
    Full Member

    Cool, yeah, that’s what I thought. I guess the warnings with hardtall MTBs is for longer travel than the frame is designed for, so it alters the geometry.

    Premier Icon tetrode
    Full Member

    Congrats Hannah!

    Premier Icon Charlie Hobbs
    Full Member

    Gravel and suspension….this is just like 1991 again when I put a Mozo Pro 3.5 suspension fork on a bike not designed for suspension forks. It did not handle well. I predict a bunch of sweet handling gravel bikes will get their front end jacked up for 40mm of suspension.

    If you believe the new breed of gravel bikes are just 1990’s mountain bikes with better brakes and curly bars… then what next… the great gravel purple anodising craze… gravel bar ends (also purple)… Ron Hill graveltracksters?

    Premier Icon Andi Sykes
    Full Member

    @charliehobbs most modern gravel bikes are suspension corrected 😁

    Premier Icon Charlie Hobbs
    Full Member

    @andi sykes… they may be now… but just you wait for the 150mm travel gravel forks. In 15 years, gravel bikes will have become mountain bikes, and the new trend will be “Groad Bikes”… and we can all go around again.

    Premier Icon footflaps
    Full Member

    Well done Hannah!

    Premier Icon DezB
    Full Member

    Don’t show Charlie the Cannondale Topstone Lefty 😀

    Premier Icon brakestoomuch
    Full Member

    The holes in those cranks look just the right size for a couple of wafer thin mints. Or some mud.

    Well done, Hannah. Don’t let the power go to your head. 🙂

    Extra well done, Chipps, for offloading some of your work onto someone else. 🙂

    Premier Icon honourablegeorge
    Full Member

    Or more stress, since you suddenly start riding the bike much faster in rough terrain

    Premier Icon Charlie Hobbs
    Full Member

    GT RST is back

    don’t show me what… I see a 1993 GT RTS with drop bars.


    Premier Icon DezB
    Full Member

    I knew you’d love it!

    Premier Icon prettygreenparrot
    Full Member

    Hannah, Chipps, enjoy the changes and congratulations.

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