Get to Know More about Vero Sandler

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Growing up Vero Sandler didn’t really have access to a TV and spent a lot of time outdoors. This video gives some great insight into her hobbies outside of bikes. We find out more about her talents, get to know what she loves about riding and see how she feels about it all.

Vero grew up in New Zealand but moved to the UK a few years ago. A former DH World Cup racer she often placed quite well whilst racing. Realising it wasn’t for her she took a different path. Currently riding for Santa Cruz bikes, she’s one of the women pushing the boundaries of women’s freeride. Her progression in the last few years alone has been so impressive. Recently featured as one of the riders in the X-Games Real MTB challenge as the only woman.

Vero spends her days digging and riding. She’s got some serious style and talent. This mini-documentary allows us a little look behind the scenes. Want to know more about Vero Sandler? Check out the video.

What do you really know about another person? You’ll never see through their eyes, you’ll never have the accumulated knowledge of all their experiences, you’ll never be able to hear their innermost thoughts.

So what do you know about Veronique Sandler? Is it a digest of what you’ve seen through your screen? This short film is an attempt to bring a little more of Vero’s unique upbringing, perspective, skills and interests to light. Although it’s not conclusive or complete we hope you enjoy learning a little more about her and why Santa Cruz is very happy to be able to support someone with her range of talents.

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  • Get to Know More about Vero Sandler
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    These insights are always eye-openers, especially hearing that someone at the top of their game (and everyone else’s) still doubts themselves. I really don’t see why people feel the need to be such <insert choice phrase here> on social media. To quote Metallica, “An empty can rattles the most,” I guess.

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