Starling Cycles Launch Limited Edition Murmur Stainless

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Ask and you shall receive. Starling Cycles have launched a limited edition Murmur Stainless frame in response to the many requests for the bare metal finish. With only 15 available in sizes L and XL, you need to act fast if you want to get your hands on one. Choose from frame only or a full build, they are available now.

Starling Cycles Murmur limited edition
The new Starling Cycles Murmur Stainless is limited edition.
  • Front triangle constructed from top-quality stainless steel.
  • Rear triangle in heat-treated Chromoly.
  • Maximum 140mm rear travel.
  • Maximum 160mm front travel.
  • 29″ wheels.
  • 2.6″ tyre clearance.

The most requested frame in our history, the limited edition Starling Murmur Stainless is made with a high-quality stainless steel front triangle for a superb ride feel and that unmistakable raw style.

Built to the same spec and geometry as the Murmur Enduro, the Stainless is built around 29″ wheels, 140mm rear travel, and a recommended 160mm fork. It has room for big tyres, big rotors, and big water bottles and is available as a frame-only, frame plus shock or with various build kits. 

Starling Cycles
Starling Cycles Murmur STAINLESS

The release reads:

Standards are made to be straightforward and future-proof, with compatibility for boost and non-boost wheels, no-hassle externally routed cables and a zero-fuss 73mm threaded BB. 

The Murmur’s geometry treads that fine line between confidence and nimbleness, offering riders a bike that’s as fun at their local hill as it is crushing bike park laps in big mountain terrain. A 64° head angle, 76.6° seat angle and 485mm reach (size large) all add up to bags of confidence deep in the rough stuff.

Starling Murmur stainless limited edition

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Why stainless? That raw look is the obvious thing. Riders just love a bare-metal frame and stainless makes it possible without the issue of corrosion, which affects all unpainted ‘normal’ steel frames. 

It’s not all about the good looks though. The Murmur Stainless takes that ‘magic’ feel of steel to the nth degree with a brutally fast, beautifully supple ride feel. After extensive testing, our test riders and the media agree that the bike has a unique and ‘lively’ feel that’s rarely found in other bikes and translates perfectly into a super-fast and incredibly confidence-inspiring ride.

Starling Cycles Murmur STAINLESS

For more information on pricing and availability, check out the Starling website.

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