Vee Tyre Attack HPL promises to be your one-stop trail/enduro tyre

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Vee Tire Co launches the new Attack HPL tyre with the help from freerider Stevie Schneider.

Vee Tire Co is quickly rising through the ranks to be one of the top tyre choices for gravity fuelled and aggressive riding. The Thai company sponsors a full roster of top names including Alex Marin, Phil Atwill, Tommy Zula and freeride legends such as Stevie Schneider. Of course, those sponsored athletes are going to give Vee the thumbs up, but we’ve also found through our own testing that they make some top-quality rubber.

vee tire attack HPL

To kick off the new year, Vee Tire Co. has released the Attack HPL, a new tyre promising speed, grip, predictability and massive braking performance. The HPL runs large central knobs with aggressive ramping for braking and low-rolling resistance. Evenly spaced side treads run parallel for biting into the trail, and sipes for added traction on wet rocks and roots. Like the Snap WCE which we have tested in the past, the Attack HPL uses Vee’s Top 40 rubber compound, perhaps one of the tackiest rubber compounds on the market today boasting excellent damping qualities.

vee tire attack HPL

Vee is offering the Attack HPL in either 29in x 2.5in or 27.5in by 2.5in in either a dual-ply Gravity Core or single-ply Enduro Core construction. 

Those of you who fancy the look of the new Vee Tire Co. Attack HPL tyre should check out the official launch video with riding from freerider Stevie Schneider above.

vee tire attack HPL

Here’s what Vee Tire Co. has to say about the Attack HPL;

The HPL, (standing for Hard, Pack, Loose) joins the Vee Tire Co. gravity range and has already been tested on the World Cup Circuit and at Freeride Fiesta. Available in either 29 x 2.5 or 27.5 x 2.5, the HPL is tubeless-ready and fully protected from punctures in either our 2-ply Gravity Core or single-ply Enduro Core constructions. To ensure grip and traction in the most extreme conditions we’ve put our 42a Top 40 rubber compound to good use providing limitless grip and control on a variety of surfaces. Top 40 is established in the world of downhill racing for its super tacky compound, durability and immense damping properties.

For the tread design, our engineers worked closely with Vee riders and agreed upon a central block tread with ramps for a lower rolling resistance yet tremendous braking capabilities. The side knobs sit parallel and feature sipes for consistent levels of grip even when leaning into corners at speed, and our tough construction means the HPL won’t squirm even when ridden on the limit.

Vee Tire Co.

Yeah, the new Vee Tire Attack HPL is awesome! The first time I tried the HPL it just felt really really nice, the draw of the knobs feels amazing on the track. What’s impressive, is that although the tire uses a soft Top 40 compound, the tread doesn’t get damaged, even when riding hard every day I’d say that the HPL lasts twice as long as other brands’ tires I have tried.

Alex Marin The Brigade Team

Vee Tire Co. Attack HPL Weights and Pricing:

  • 29 x 2.5 Gravity Core, Top 40 – 1350g – MSRP $70.00
  • 29 x 2.5 Enduro Core, Top 40 – 1150g – MSRP $65.00
  • 27.5 x 2.5 Gravity Core, Top 40 – 1270g – MSRP $70.00
  • 27.5 x 2.5 Enduro Core, Top 40 – 1080g – MSRP $65.00

More info over on the Vee Tire Co. Website.

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