Singletrack Podcast – The riding bikes indoors on Zwift can be fun episode

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This week sees the final race in the Forum organised Autumn Zwift series 2. Last week, Mark & Chipps both decided to see what all the fuss was about. Chipps held on to the middle of the bunch while Mark took a site seeing tour at the back along the UCI Richmond route. Will they be joining in the final race of the series?

Mark chats to the brains behind the STW Autumn Race Series, Rob Belsom about the why, how and what on earth for? Don’t be put off by the thought of ‘training’ or ‘racing’. It turns out it’s actually a lot more fun (and harder) then any of us thought it would be.

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Mark’s setup

Check out the Elite Novo Smart trainer at Halfords

How it all began

Watch last week’s race, including Mark’s spectacular last place finish here. Yes, you can even tune in live to watch the racing.

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