Onza Porcupine

The Onza Porcupine Returns To The UK. In white, too!

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After a long time away, the Onza Porcupine has returned to the UK! OK, perhaps not quite in the form that you remember – those rounded knobbled weren’t really the greatest for directional grip, but who cared, back in the early nineties? Since those days, the original onZa brand has undergone some changes, with the tyres (now called lowercase ‘onza’) being made on behalf of a Swiss company for distribution around the world. And talking of distribution, this is why we’re here.

Onza Porcupine

Cyclorise have today announced that effective immediately they have added Onza Tires to their fast-growing portfolio of brands.  

Cyclorise/Onza says: “As a producer of premium bicycle tyres, Onza prides itself on their distinctive looks and traditional Swiss performance.  Having been dominant in the racing scene for many years across all disciplines of MTB, Onza competes with the best in terms of traction, flat protection and weight.  At the end of 2019, Onza revived and redesigned the Porcupine which quickly became a best-seller.  Available in 90’s eye-catching white, the Porcupine not only looks fantastic but also offers the rider more grip and improved rolling resistance.”

Onza Porcupine

Onza owner, Michel Manz comments, “Onza Tires is proud to once again be active in the UK and have the opportunity to deliver Swiss performance tires to the riders. We’ve found a great partner in Cyclorise with people who are like-minded and passionate about making the best products available. We both specialise in fascinating products and cannot wait to begin this journey. It is a perfect fit with an exciting, young and growing distributor. We have big plans for the future and are excited to realise them together alongside Cyclorise!

Onza Porcupine

Cyclorise Managing Director, Thomas Dibley commented “We’ve really missed seeing Onza in the UK market.  When the opportunity arose to work with such an iconic brand, we jumped at it.  We cannot wait to get Onza back on British shop floors where it belongs.  The new Porcupine is a modern, open and easy-rolling all-round tyre design which will perform perfectly on UK terrain. This acquisition forms part of our strategic plan to offer a full, well considered range of products for bike shops.”

Onza Porcupine

Onza Porcupine Pricing

  • Porcupine – black: from £49.99
  • Porcupine – black, tan wall: from £54.99
  • Porcupine – white: from £54.99
  • Porcupine RC: from £69.99

Cyclorise will initially be stocking the Porcupine (would this make it the Racing Porcs III, retro fans?) but will be following up with the rest of the tyre range in the early new year. And, while it’s only a Porcupine in name, it’s good to have the brand back again in the UK.

Details are here: https://cyclorise.com/pages/onza

Now, who’s going to re-enact that Jo Burt skid on Brighton sea front?

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