New Pivot Mach 6 – Get Loose And Go Hard

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At a time where it seems that everyone’s attention is on bigger wheels and mullet bikes for more aggressive riding, Pivot is proudly sticking behind its burly new Mach 6 model for that kind of all-round fun behaviour. The Pivot Mach 6 boasts 160mm travel up front and 158mm of DW-Link travel out back. Coming in sizes from Small to XL, it should fit riders from 4ft 10in to 6ft 2in too.

The Pivot Mach 6 has been in the Pivot stable for years, in fact we found a Singletrack visit from Pivot back in 2013 that introduced the Mach 6 to us. The bike has always been Pivot’s hard charging, all terrain beast, at home on bike park jumps as it is on a Lakeland fell. Pivot says of the Mach 6 that it’s a bike to ‘get loose and go hard’ which will sum it up for you.

There are several builds available for the new Mach 6 depending on what you want the bike to do and where you’re riding it and obviously your budget. These range from a top end XTR build with coil shock, or a Fox Live Valve air build (XTR, Live Valve and Carbon Wheels will be £11,200) to more reasonable Mach 6 Race XT builds that come in at £6000. A frame-module option will be around £5300 for the air shock version. Get saving!

The bike itself has many neat touches, like the new Pivot Tool Dock which will hold a CO2 inflator and canister under the top tube or a (probably not in the UK…) mount that’ll hold a tool just under the BB shell. Needless to say, in our modern world, there’s room for a bottle inside the cage (as well as a second mount under the downtube)

Angles are all very modern, with a 65°/75.5° pairing in ‘Low’ and 65.5°/76° in ‘High’ thanks to a flip chip on the suspension that will also lower or raise the BB by 5mm. The reach on a medium frame is 465mm in High and 460mm in low, which is pretty reachy.

The new Pivot Mach 6 should be winging its way to dealers around the place around now, so it might be time for that early Christmas present to yourself, ready for that awesome year ahead we’re going to have.

More details will be on UK importer Upgrade or Pivot’s websites.

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Comments (5)

    A swing and a miss… Looks good but 2017 geo numbers with a sky high BB on a 2021 bike. And that down tube tool mount! Good luck making the development and mould costs worthwhile.

    HA still too steep, SA too slack, BB height has increased. Only plus over the previous version is the coil shock.

    Is 2020 the year bike brands officially started to take the piss on pricing???? Plus that tool mount has to be a Biblical fail surely? Looks nice but no thanks. Plus is that press fit BB, if so another fail IMO.

    Tough crowd! Is 65 degrees really that steep. Reach looks bang on for me. Nothing unusual about the pricing that I can see – Pivot have never been renowned for bargain prices, and it doesn’t seem out of kilter with their competition. Agreed on the tool mount though, and I couldn’t give 2 figs about bottles. Does look stunning in that sage green.

    Could just as well stuff the multitool up my ass.

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