Tate Roskelley Makes Supermarkets Look Fun

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Supermarkets aren’t often the sort of places that inspire creative thought. Though, smashing through them on a bike is certainly tempting – especially if you really just want to take your bike inside with you because you just need a pint of milk and some bread and you haven’t got a lock, and really your bike isn’t any bigger than a trolley, is it?

Aaaand breathe.

Anyway, no, this isn’t MTB, but it’s fun, and who can’t use a bit more fun? If you’ve not come across Tate Roskelley before, seek out his other videos too, for more examples of things you didn’t think you could do on a bike (and probably didn’t even think of doing).

Which trick do you like best? The tin balancing, and the Prince of Persia style trolley jumping catches our eye.

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