Meet Production Privée’s Proto Ti Jump Bike And Latest Rider

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We’ve not seen a whole lot from Production Privée this year, but that’s not to say nothing has been going on behind the scenes.

The last time we had any really big news from Production Privée was earlier in the year when it was announced the Andorran bike brand would become part of Forestal. Since then the two brands have remained largely quiet while they work on new products, and finally, we’ve spotted something that they’ve been working on.

In an announcement earlier today on Instagram, Production Privée revealed that Pavel Alekhin “Vishneviy” would join the brand. The Red Bull sponsored athlete is known for his high-flying slopestyle antics, so which Production Privée will he being piloting into 2021? A prototype dirt jump bike of course!

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The prototype has been developed as a ‘park bike’ for riders who like to throw huge whips on 40ft dirt jumps. There isn’t much information available on the bike other than it is Titanium and it features the signature ‘hourglass’ headtube of other PP bikes. We’re not certain where this frame was produced but when I visited Forestal and Production Privée earlier this year they did talk to me about steel and Titanium production all being in house in Andorra.

The current range of Production Privée bikes includes the Shan No5 steel full-suspension bike, GT 29er hardtail and 27.5in hardtail, rumour has it that bikes of other genres will join the line-up and we could see updates to the existing range soon.

You can learn more about Pavel Alekhin “Vishneviy” here.

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Comments (12)

    Forestal delivery seems to be indicating March now – having already slipped to December? Any news on that Andi as you seemed very much a fan in your previous pieces on them?

    @brant Covid? not really a fan, how could I be they don’t have a product. But I am interested in what they could do, though I wonder if they might have missed the boat now bikes like the Rise are already on sale. Anything exciting happening in trouser town?

    Come on now Andi…

    “Forestal is possibly the most exciting bike company that you have never heard of. This start-up plans to enter the mountain bike market with both guns blazing, and they have the financial support to back it up.”

    Trouser town is now jeans/coffee/shirt/hat/scarf/action blanket town and it’s going OK five years in cheers. Biggest shift for us was selling product we physically had in stock. Something I hope Forestal will be able to move towards. Otherwise people might start to feel a bit Sick.

    Have to admit I cant believe this bike isn’t out yet. Rumors of more Production Privée are most welcome!

    “this bike isn’t out yet” = Forstal’s eMTB

    @brant Excited for sure! Imagine if they pull it off. They’ve built their own factory, developed their own motor and battery, created jobs in Andorra, and they’re merging technology with bikes at a level we haven’t seen before. How can I not be excited about that? What they plan to do is much more than simply sticking a logo on a readily available product (not a dig, but we do see it a lot in every industry)

    Odd as well that you think I’m a fan of Forestal, yet I’ve openly admitted (many times) that I’m a fan of Commencal, I was also a bit of a PP fanboi, but I suppose I’ll have to see what they have in the works to see if that flame is still burning or not.

    For a company who you said were very well financed, they are taking preorder money of customers and have consistently slipped on their delivery of that.
    Seems like a mighty tall mountain to climb and one that no other established brand has done on its own.
    It’s a whole different level to what happened at Sick bikes. But there’s a whole lot more at risk.

    @brant I’ve not pre-ordered so I don’t know, but judging by the lack of “Forestal” Threads around the web I would say they’ve communicated with their customers. Maybe you know something that we don’t? Also, Covid? You do know that the whole industry is under immense strain and there are some seriously long lead times don’t you? A new brand, even one with deep pockets, will probably be at the back of the supply chain queue.

    How did a post about PP turn into a rant about Forestal?


    a feeling of ‘Sick Bikes’ De Ja Vu I guess. I have no knowledge of Forestal, but, that’s the inference.

    I’m a big PP fan boi and love the fact that they keep everything in house in Andorra to support the local economy. I’d hate it if they lost sight of that and moved production elsewhere!

    PP fanboi here too.
    Trail bike please

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