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Signed up? Good. Now, let’s get you all excited for what’s going to come through your letterbox. Good things come to those who wait, waiting is more fun with a bit of looking forward to what’s to come.

UK Adventure: Natural Shrewdness

It was meant to be a farewell ride to Scotland. And, with multiple days of rain, thigh-deep bog and midges, it was pretty on target for Adam Boggon’s last big ride there.

Scottish Stag-Do

Climbing a Munro is hard enough without a valley full of belligerent stags blocking the way. Nevertheless, Pete Scullion shows Amanda some Scottish grandeur.

Jason Miles, Bored Bored Bored

Have you done anything fun recently? If you have, then make sure you tell Jason what you did and how you did it. He’ll be round when it’s safe to do so.

Back to the Future

Would your younger self scoff at the lack of hardship in your cycling life? Alf Anderson retraces an Alpine trip he took, only now with the benefit of experience, e-bikes and a lot more discretionary budget.

Classic Ride – Kirk Yetholm

What better place for the Scots to look down on the English than on this hard-fought border ride on the edge of the Cheviots?

Ladakhi Freeride

Katie Lozancich travelled to remote Ladakh in India with world-class gravity riders Hannah Bergemann and Veronique Sandler as they shot a segment for TGR’s new film ‘Accomplice’.

Kit Essentials, Lights

Here are the night-riding lights that have been keeping the Singletrack team riding through the winter nights.

Bike Test – Fast Trail Bikes

Not everyone is ‘enduro’ – some riders just love going quickly, whether uphill or downtrail. We test three 120mm fast and light trail bikes from Intense, Orbea and Specialized reviewed at speed. 

Black Magic: Repairing Broken Carbon

Can your broken carbon frame be fixed? Or is it junk? Barney heads to the Peak District to see how Rob Hayles, World Champion and carbon repair expert, does things. 

Editors’ Choice

Here are the bikes, places and gear that have rocked our world this year. Good enough that they deserve a Singletrack Editors’ Choice Award.

Catch My Drift, Thrutch

Once again, Barney Marsh translates unintelligible mountain biking jargon using just his biting wit, some very long words and windmilling hand gestures. 

Last Word: Mad Hannah’s Tea Party

Hannah ponders whether riding a bike in the hand now is better than riding two into a bush later. Or something like that…

The Singletrack Calendar 2021

This issue comes with the Singletrack Calendar for 2021 – hopefully you’ll be able to fill it with fun activities for the year ahead.

The Cover: Issue 134

What’s going on here then? This issue’s cover by James Vincent bears closer inspection. Can you figure it out?

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