FGF 526 – The Countdown To Better Things Begins

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Things are about to get better.

No, we’re not talking about world events, we’re talking about the giant giveaway of goodness that is December 2020 Plus A Bit Of November And The Megasack Too. We’re still working on the name. But what you need to know is that instead of our now traditional daily advent giveaways plus Christmas Megasack, we’ve got a bigger and betterer and greaterest alternative. Starting on 30th November, we’re giving away a daily prize all the way through until the end of 2020. We are seeing 2020 out of the building, politely but firmly, and with a giant celebration of swag at the end of it. This year’s Megasack – which contains a duplicate of every daily prize – will be worth nearly £6,000 to the final lucky winner. That’s quite the sack full of mega.

Moving on, moving up… clap your hands, shake your fists, wiggle your knees a bit. Good things are coming. But first, there’s Fresh Goods Friday 526.

Salsa Cassidy

  • Price: £3,300 frame only
  • From: Lyon

This is the new Salsa Cassidy – but swap the link, and a few parts, and it becomes the Blackthorn. This is the bigger of the two frame build options, in a ‘dream build’ that we’re too afraid to ask the ‘as built’ price for… here are the key specs:

  • Frame: Salsa Cassidy
  • Fork: Fox 38 Float Grip 2, 180mm
  • Shock: Fox Float X2
  • Brakes: Hope E4 with Tech 3 levers
  • Shifter: SRAM XX1
  • Rear Mech: SRAM XX1
  • Cassette: SRAM XX1
  • BB: Raceface
  • Cranks: Raceface Next R
  • Wheels: Hope Pro 4 on DT Swiss EX511
  • Tyres: Teravail Kessel 29×2.6
  • Bars: Salsa Carbon
  • Stem: Raceface
  • Dropper: PNW Rainer IR
  • Lever: KS Lev
  • Saddle: Raceface Aeffect

At some point James Vincent will stop taking photos of this bike and start riding it. But we’re not complaining that he’s taken a lot of snaps, because they’re pretty good. Perhaps if he learnt to use Instagram filters he could make them even better?

CrankBrothers Mallet E LS Pedals

  • Price: £149.99
  • From: Extra

These are the long spindle version of this enduro pedal, giving a 57mm Q factor. With six adjustable pins per side for gip, adjustable traction pads for optimum pedal/shoe interface, chamfered edges to reduce rock strikes, four sided entry, and customisable float & release angle.

Monkeys Sauce Bike Shine

monkeys sauce bike shine

It’s wet and muddy outside and that means there will be plenty more trips to the hose pipe after every ride. Monkeys Sauce is a French brand that specialises in bicycle specific cleaning products to keep your bike looking like new and working as good too. This Bike Shine spray is for applying to your frame and suspension after cleaning, it brings a nice shine to your ride and adds a slippy finish that dirt won’t cling too.

Monkeys Sauce Degreaser

Monkeys Sauce Degreaser

A spray on degreaser for when your drivetrain is really coated in winter crap. Spray on, work in and rinse off with clean water and your drivetrain will look as good as new. Just be sure to add lube after you’ve cleaned.

Monkeys Sauce Foam

Monkeys Sauce Foam

Andi says: This isn’t for your bike but for your clothing, shoes, helmets and other items. The cleaner foams up and soaks in to materials to remove dirt and odours. I’ve used this on the pads in my helmets, on my shoes and on kit when away for a few days without access to a washing machine. It’s also great for things that can’t be easily cleaned in a conventional way such as action camera chest mounts and the padding on your riding pack.

Monkeys Sauce Bike Shampoo

Monkeys Sauce Bike Shampoo

And for getting all that muck of your bike in the first place Monkeys Sauce has this cleaner. The green liquid turns to a thick foam when sprayed. After a few moments all the dirt and crud will wash away with a hose.

Topeak Mini 9 Pro

The Topeak Mini 9 Pro is a small multi-tool for packing in your bag or pocket for when you’re out on a ride. The lightweight tool has almost everything you might need on the trail and it’s small enough for road or gravel biking.

Canyon Fix Tire Levers

Lightweight tyre levers made from a tough and super durable composite material in a honeycomb construction. Canyon has made these levers to get the toughest tyres off without damaging rims. The levers have a tapered design that you can use to adjust disc pads, and a valve core removal tool. Each pair fixes together with a magnet.

Canyon CLLCTV Socks

Extremely soft and breathable socks made of cotton for maximum comfort. Reinforced heel and toe area mean that these socks should last.

Canyon Cargo Hip Bag

Canyon has designed the Cargo Hip Bag for both mountain bike and gravel riders. The bag is full of pockets of various sizes to keep tools, change and food nice and safe while on the trail. There are also larger pockets perfect for carrying a lightweight jacket or hydration pack

Singletrack Ride & Shine Medium Roast Coffee

Charlie says: Some people struggled with our “Deadline Blend” coffee and found it too strong. Some folk cut it with Columbian to reduce the strength. Rumour has it that other people were drawn to the side effect of shaking hands, and would employ their vibrating hands in the occupation of massage. Meanwhile downhillers found comfort in the familiar sensation of rattling through a rock garden without being anywhere near a bike.

So we came up with much more quaffable everyday blend of South American stimulation. This medium to light roast blend is very nice. What’s more the logo features a 7 speed cog to keep the old retro grouches happy.

Stu the roaster is a funny guy, funny bastard, bastard. I wasn’t paying attention, working alone, happily listening to an instrumental Eagles song that makes packing envelopes feel like a noble quest, and reached into the box, and felt something furry. I screamed, and swore and found this bloody great spider. So this lighter coffee won’t get your heart racing but the roaster might.

Directions: Wake up, brew up, grab bike, ride and shine.

^^ See above for instructions for the weekend. Go enjoy!

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