‘Talk’ with Cai Grocott – An Outstanding Video about Mental Health

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Welsh rider Cai Grocott has joined Nukeproof, and we were sent the now traditional ‘welcome to the team’ edit from Nukeproof. Accompanying it though is such an excellent short film where Cai talks about his mental ill health that we’re making it a separate story to bring it to your attention.

In ‘Talk’ you hear about Cai’s perspective, and also from his friends – how they saw his mental health affecting his riding, and the signs that they saw that all was not well. It gives a great insight into the experience of struggling with mental ill health, being a rider, ‘being a man’ – and being a good friend to someone in that situation.

The film charts the decline of his health, the habits he fell into and out of, and into the crisis point. Then, back out through treatment, recovery, and learning to talk. It’s informative, inspiring, and gives some really honest insight into struggling with opening up about feelings to friends and family.

It would be a great watch for anyone, but if you’re a guy who has a male group of riding buddies, maybe you’ll see yourself in here, or maybe you’ll see a friend. Hopefully, you’ll see something in this that makes a difference to someone that needs it.

Once you’ve watched that, you could move on to where Cai is at now: celebrating joining Nukeproof. Or, read on for further rider insight into mental health issues.

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    Thank you to Cai for opening up about mental health. He makes some really good points and observations in that video. “it will get better”. It most certainly will. May not be tomorrow, but it will.
    Also, he comments about his friend who was smiling but still ended his own life. Sometimes you just can’t save someone. But you can try.

    Just be there for each other. Men usually won’t open up unless they really trust you. Go for a ride or meet for a coffee. Keep it low key and no pressure. Just let your friends know you are around. 🙂

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