Yeti Launches Yeti ARC Production Bikes For Those Without Nine Grand

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Recently, Yeti Cycles celebrated its 35th anniversary with the launch of an eyewateringly expensive, commemorative Yeti ARC 35 hardtail, complete with colour-matched components and a pretty top-shelf spec. The bike itself was so far over most people’s price ranges that we didn’t really pay close attention to the sleek hardtail frame beneath it. But luckily Yeti already had plans to come out with the bike at a slightly more affordable level. (Probably not that ‘affordable’ for most people, but this is Yeti after all…)

Long, low and mean looking.
That looks pretty sweet and speedy to us

The new Yeti ARC sports 67/76° angles and a reach of 445mm on a medium. Designed for a 130mm fork and 29in wheels, the bike should hit the sweet spot of all-rounderness, with angles good for hillside shredding as well as all-day epics.

Comes in black too – if you’re a ninja

Aesthetically, we like the unbroken line from the head tube to the rear axle (148mm Boost, since you ask…) and the bike will come in both classic Yeti turquoise and all-black raw carbon for the shy (or ninja). The Yeti ARC is one of the classic names in the Yeti pantheon and this one seems to be worthy of the name.

Let’s see the Yeti ARC shred-vid and you’ll get an idea of what kind of direction this new bike is headed in.

This is what hardtails look like these days.

Prices, as we’ve inferred, will be on the tasty side, with a full bike starting at £3799. There are two different carbon layups available, with the ‘Turq’ being the top end, high modulus stuff.

It must be new-bike season at Yeti, what with the recent introduction of the SB115. We’ll be keeping an eye out to see if there are any more bits and bikes planned.

Retail prices

ARC C1£        3,799 €           4,290
ARC C2£        4,099 €           4,690
ARC T1£        4,799 €           5,490
ARC T2£        5,199 €           5,890

Frame only price is £1399. Bikes are now on the Silverfish website. There’ll be full details over at too.

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