Is This 35th Anniversary Yeti ARC The Most Expensive Hardtail Ever?

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Classic-looking enough for ya?

The original Yeti ARC is a hardtail of legend. Launched in 1991 at a time when many hardtails frames weighed in at 5lbs or more, the Yeti ARC’s alloy frame – made from Easton’s ProTaper tubing brought the frame weight down to 3.2lbs. Oh, and it looked super cool too. And now, as it’s Yeti’s 35th Anniversary it’s time for a Yeti ARC 35th Anniversary edition, right?

The new Yeti ARC takes some of that pizzazz and puts it into a very limited edition (and very expensive) special edition hardtail that celebrates Yeti’s 35th anniversary. The numbers have been brought up to date, and the frame material this time round is carbon fibre, rather than aluminium tubing. The components, as you might expect from a flagship product are both top-end and custom coloured. And we’re struggling to think of a hardtail in recent years that has cost more. However, the exclusiveness of the hardtail, and the rabid following that Yeti has should mean that these are snapped up by superfans and collectors. (Incidentally, Yeti is dropping the ‘Tribe’ name for its fan gatherings, in recognition that it offends Native Americans – more here: Adventure Journal.)

According to Yeti, “The latest version of the ARC takes Yeti’s latest carbon fibre technology, merges it with modern geometry and hangs custom finished parts to give it a vintage look with a modern twist. Unlike its predecessor, the new ARC isn’t a pure-bred race bike – it was built to bring the simplicity of a hardtail to trail riding.”

Each frame is individually numbered and every part is either top of the shop, like SRAM’s AXS Eagle groupset, or custom finished. There’s a 130mm FOX 34 fork with powder-coated yellow crown and turquoise lowers. The turquoise continues with painted SRAM Level Ultimate callipers, Chris King hubs and headset and a custom SRAM XX1 turquoise chainring.

The Yeti ARC 35th Anniversary Edition comes in one colour, one build and it’s available in SM-XL sizes. The Yeti 35th Anniversary carbon wheelset and SRAM AXS drivetrain come standard

For the UK (and Europe) the new Yeti ARC 35th Anniversary will be exclusively through Silverfish,

  • UK £8,999.00
  • DE / Europe €10,190.00

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Comments (19)

    Looks very nice, but wheel size is wrong and the rear end is the wrong shape. I know this is the modern equivalent of what is was, but for someone (probably the only 1) that liked it back then, I think it should have been 27.5 and not 29 (even though 29 is faster in the straight lines).
    Saying all that though (and despite me really not liking 29ers), that would be very nice to own…

    why isnt it a race bike?

    its top top end. should be F1 specification for that sort of money and a showcase of what they can do. Not a simple hardtail for the woods!

    Because the kind of people who have that money are likely to be long term Yeti fans well north of 40 who will be more likely to buy ‘a simple hardtail for the woods’ than some super aggressive XC race rig.

    Know your market.

    Also… the Delta 7 Sports Arantix hardtail was $4,200 frame only and that was 10 years ago, that has to still hold the crown for maddest priced hardtail.

    They blew it not giving it the curved stays, which was always the unique feature of the ARC frame.

    Wow ..2 things
    Thing 1 that’s a really nice looking bike
    Thing 2 that’s a really expensive bike

    Too much of the colour matched, (or unmatched in the case of the hubs) components. If it wasn’t for that, I’d probably get two as I’m a bit between sizes.

    Nice, but I probably prefer my Big Top [sentimentality]

    “ Each frame is individually numbered” ooohhh a frame number!

    I’m not sure about the big ’35’ on the downtube. I’d have preferred some stencilled graphics. And carbon loop stays, like DezB suggested…
    I rode one of those Arantix frames – it was bonkers! Rode OK for the time though – would have been a nightmare to clean after a muddy ride though 🙂

    Great looking Yeti bike, love their bikes, 100 not many though, as a well over 40 rider I would be willing to buy one of these just to look at. Seriously if they do a production run then £5k for a lower spec would be my sweet spot. The anniversary bikes just don’t hold their value though nowadays, bike tech moves too fast.

    “They blew it not giving it the curved stays” +1

    DezB is right, should have had the iconic loop stays

    ^”should have had the iconic loop stays”
    Mere mortals can always buy a Whyte 900 instead.

    Should have renamed the forks to Fox 35.

    As a celebration they should have done an FRO, with loop stays.


    Could be any old bike other than its turquoise and blue and called ARC it naff all like the original.

    Personally I’d want better than Sram Level Ultimate brakes for that money… least G2 ultimates but preferably Code RSCs.

    This bike isn’t aimed at me at that cost but the hubs look like they colour clash with the rest of the bike.

    very similar to Transition Vanquish (that was) same geo and lines….

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