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The Legend of Tommy G – here be dragons, steeds, swords and great feats of derring-do. Or something like that. Thomas Genon does his thing in Lenzerheide.

Lenzerheide is no stranger to over the top marketing. Check out the blurb from the tourism website:


the land of the eternal trails, the brave, the fearless, who defend the valleys of bike dominance on their carbon and aluminum steeds. We, who hover silently over roots, gravel and jumps. With flow and sweat we fight for what we believe in. That the bike heaven on earth really exists. That is why we created the promised land:

BIKE KINGDOM. Join us and become a knight of our army.

OK, then… we’ll just grab our helmets and trusty steeds…?

Teasers for the Tommy G video were promising – an all star cast, a touch of humour, and the involvement of Anthill Films, makers of some of the most beautiful mountain bike movies there are, and probably the greatest ride segment ever. Would Tommy G be riding a horse? Wearing armour? Jousting on a bike, or chasing a dragon? Who knew. The possibilities for all in ridiculous daftness with very nice pictures seemed high.

The result isn’t quite so ridiculous as our medieval visions, but it’s not far off. A great soundtrack and plenty of humour – plus, we would venture, steez in spadefuls – make this worth 5 minutes of your time.

And, as expected, with images by Sterling Lorence, there’s plenty to get your eyes round.

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Credit: Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide / Sterling Lorence

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