3 Thrifty Lockdown Recipes From Singletrack Towers

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However you’re getting your shopping at the moment, it seems quite likely that you’re faced with a few challenges due to not just being able to nip out for a few missing ingredients. Online shopping carries with it the perils of unusual substitutions, and with delivery slots few and far between you might find that you’ve a lot of things that aren’t going to last the whole two weeks before the next delivery.

Here at Singletrack Towers, we’re faced with all the same challenges – we are mere mortals after all. And if there’s one new and interesting facet to come out of our daily group video meetings it’s our fascination with what each of us is having for breakfast or lunch when options are limited. So here are some of our thrifty recipes that use up that stale bread, the sad veg, or the souring milk. And no banana bread in sight.

Below we’ve got you covered with Hannah’s sticky gingerbread, Amanda’s Anything Goes’ Ribollita and for breakfast fans, Mark’s fluffy Lockdown Pancakes. Just make sure you are logged in to see them.

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