Video: Hazzard Racing Glides The Gloop

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Joe Barnes and Lachlan from Hazzard Racing have a message for you. And it involves bikes and mud.

“Time & Tide for Nae Man Bide. Now Get Out & Ride.”

Joe Barnes orange bike
Good advert for OneUp Components’ dropper seals, eh?

With the world shrinking away from both crowded spaces, and wet hills, it’s a perfect time to see this video from Joe Barnes and Lachlan of Hazzard Racing, riding Joe’s slippery Scottish trails. If ever there was a video that showed just how much fun you can have on a bike on what much have been one of the wettest days of the year, then this is it.

That’s as light as it gets in Scotland in February…

Shot with Joe and Lachlan by Sam Needham on behalf of oneupcomponents, who is once again sponsoring the Hazzard Racing lot for 2020, you can’t really blame the weather for an excuse for not riding

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