DMR Versa Pedal – Clips, Flats or Both?

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Clips or Flats? Both! The DMR Versa pedal seeks to offer the best of both worlds, by giving you both options in one pedal.

The DMR Versa is an extruded an CNC machined aluminium pedal with chromoly axle, featuring a clip-in pedal interface on one side, and a flat pedal one on the other. On the clippy side, you get the option of adding four pins to the pedal body for extra grip, should you want it. The pedals come with cleats, but they’re also compatible with Shimano SPD cleats.

DMR Versa Pedal

On the flat side, you get 10 spots for pins, pins are replaceable, but are not the ‘FlipPins’ that come with Vaults. The Versa pins come in a selection of sizes so you can tune the grip on the pedal. The key difference between these and the Vault FlipPins is that there’s no hex shape on the top, so if you strip the allen key head on the top, a spanner isn’t an alternative option. The heads of the Versa pins are more chunky though, and there’s some reaming, so pliers might be an option if you’re in a bind.

DMR Versa Pedal
Sunny side up

DMR Versa Specifications

  • Extruded and CNC Machined Aluminium body.
  • Chromoly axle
  • 95mm x 100mm Platform area
  • 14 tuneable and replaceable pins
  • Cleats included
  • Available in Blue, Black, Red, Silver or Orange
  • 470g per pair (claimed)
  • RRP £115

The pedal’s profile is fairly slim, with an angled front that helps glance off rocks rather than plough straight into them. They’re clearly marked left and right on the axle, and you have the option of either using a pedal spanner or Allen key to nip them up onto your cranks – I have to admit these are both features I look for in a pedal, as it just keeps life simpler.

Pedals like this aren’t a new option, but the (quite significantly cheaper) ones I’ve seen before have been a little less aggressive and aimed more at the touring or utility market, where you’re not sure what shoes you may be in on any given day. However, these pedals suggest that they are good for those that want to the option of being unclipped for descents, but want the efficiency of cleats for climbs. It’s even written on them ‘Grind Up’, ‘Bomb Down’. How does that work in practice?

On The Trail

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Tested:by Hannah for 2 months

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    wish you tested with a better shoe with a flat sole like you mentioned. I have with other pedals and liked it, the only problem was the clip mechanism was horrific (Funn Mamba) – I can pull my foot straight out at full tension. Still looking for something that works so may give these a try

    That’s odd, @damientheo. I use the one-sided FUNN Mambas on more than one bike with Five10 spds and don’t have the same problem. And the Mambas have plenty of pins to grip (both sides) and turn just enough to make stepping back on whichever side fairly simple. The Versas look better though!

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