4 Mudguards tested | 4 effective face fenders

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Spring was due right around now, and this time last year we were riding summer tyres, still, you can ride and not get covered in crap with these 4 mudguards.

Mudhugger FRX

What do Loic Bruni and Andi have in common? Yes, they’re both stylish riders, though Andi is perhaps more erratic than stylish, the answer we were looking for is that they both have a Mudhugger.

Mudhugger was one of the original front fender brands and is now synonymous with keeping your face free from flinging filth. The FRX is perhaps the most popular Mudhugger on sale and simply fastens to your fork via the supplied zip ties.

The plastic that Mudhugger uses has a good balance of flexibility and stiffness so that you don’t need to worry about it shaking around while riding or deforming if your mate rests their bike on it in the back of a car.

The FRX is the longer Mudhugger with coverage of 450mm yet it weighs just 80g. And for those of you who want to help save the planet you can relax knowing the Mudhugger is made of 99% recycled PVC.

Mudhugger FRX Thoughts

A well-priced mudguard that offers plenty of protection from mud, dust and water. It’s easy to fit, well priced and very lightweight. If plain black isn’t for you then MudHugger does offer sticker packs and custom designs too.

Mudhugger FRX QR

Do you work for a mountain bike magazine? Are you constantly swapping your mudguard from bike to bike? Are you suffering from a severe shortage of zip ties? If you answered yes to any of the above, then the Mudhugger FRX QR is the fender for you.

Like the standard Mudhugger FRX the QR model is made of recycled PVC, offers 450mm of mud protection for your face, and it’s lightweight at just 78g. How it differs though is instead of zip ties, the QR uses reusable velcro straps.

This quick release Mudhugger is also useful if you plan to go away and hire a bike. Just unstrap it, and take it on holiday with you.

Mudhugger FRX QR Thoughts

This is the front fender that I take on every launch with me. I often turn up at a launch just as the heavens open and quickly become the envy of the press when this beauty shows it’s face. If you’re a serial bike changer, or hire bikes on holiday, think of getting the FRX QR.

RRP Pro Guard Bolt On

  • Price: £35.99
  • From: Extra

RRP, or Rapid Racer Products, makes a range of front and rear fenders for ultimate mud protection on the trail. This PPR Pro Guard Bolt On fender uses the mounting threads on the inside of some fork arches to bolt directly to your bike without zip ties.

The Pro Guard Bolt On’s mounting plate is drilled to match the mounting points on a Fox, Marzocchi, Öhlins and SR Suntour forks, and because each brand uses a different type of thread, the fender comes with bolts to suit all brands.

RRP’s Pro Guard is made of a thicker and less flexible material so that you never have to worry about fender flex, and a unique Seal Sheild helps to prevent any muck getting on fork seals for longer service life.

In addition to bolts, the RRP Bolt On comes with Allen keys to fit, plastic Tilt Plates for adjustment and a 50 % off crash replacement scheme. The model shown here is the standard that measures 503mm and weighs 130g without bolts.

RRP Pro Guard Bolt On Thoughts

A very well made and sturdy fender, but I have heard some rub or vibration from it on very harsh front end landings and drops. The Tilt plates make it very easy to adjust and the fact that RRP supplies the tools to fit with every guard is a really nice touch. Also, coverage is phenomenal with the standard 503mm model.

RRP Pro Guard

  • Price: From £24.99
  • From: Extra

For riders of RockShox forks or other brands that don’t have a bolt pattern on the arch then the RRP Pro Guard is available.

The Pro Guard is made of the same sturdy plastic material, features the clever Seal Sheild and a 503mm length but fastens to your fork with the supplied zip ties and costs around £10 less.

RRP Pro Guard Thoughts

All the positives of the Bolt On mudguards but without the odd knock or vibration when landing bigger drops or jumps. Amazing coverage and especially good for riders wanting to shoot GoPro footage on a muddy day.

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