Tahnee Seagrave Breaks Her Ankle Putting Her Season In Doubt

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Pro DH star Tahnee Seagrave has announced she’s broken her ankle while riding this weekend. Her Instagram account detailed her time in hospital and includes some unpleasant images and video of her ankle being ‘corrected’. Despite the break and the obvious implications for her upcoming race season she was fairly pragmatic about the incident.

The accident, resulting from a bad dirt jump landing, resulted in a dislocated ankle, broken tibia and fibula and ligament damage.

No words could ever describe how I feel right now… 🥺Dislocated ankle, broken Tib & Fib, ligament tears & all the rest… It’s part of the game and sometimes you get dealt with some pretty shitty cards. Sometimes more than once or twice…But good players don’t need good cards. 💪🏻”

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    I’ve done something very similar & while with any luck the break could be sorted in 6 weeks the ankle & ligament damage are likely to take rather longer. Don’t think she’ll be @ the Ben but might well be back mid-season’ish.

    Same here 15 months ago, fingers crossed for her as it’s a horrid injury!

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