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Singletrack Fresh Goods Friday Podcast 487 | ebikes, Cedric Gracia and more ebikes

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We are not new to Podcasts. In fact in much the same way that Mark was a first generation skateboarder back in the early 80’s, Singletrack got on the Podcast bandwagon way back in the early days of the ‘noughtes’ when they first became a thing.

We’ve decided to give the whole podcast thing another go since they’ve become trendy again, so we’ve dusted off Chipps’ old mini disc player and plugged in a mic to see what happens. Hopefully it won’t be too slick of an experience – we have a reputation to maintain after all. But we do hope they will be entertaining.

Our old podcasts are probably still out there somewhere and if you see one of them could you send it home to us?

In this episode…

Mark and Hannah kick off things in the freezing Singletrack studio with head to head chat about the latest things that have arrived and been discussed in the office this week. There’s chat about the latest ebike launches, an interview with Cedric Gracia and other news from the week.

You will be able to subscribe to our podcast on the usual channels like iTunes and Spotify, but it may take a day or so for those to pop up online.

Listening and subscription options

We are working on distributing on as many platforms as possible. Below are the ones we’ve gone live on. Pick you favourite and give us a listen. We’ll update the list with more platforms as they go live.

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