9 New Bikes In 7 Days! Catch Up With The Bikes Of The Week

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It’s been a mad mad week here at Singletrack Towers. It’s not even a trade show, or a big festival, so why are all these new 2020 bikes appearing just as Andi ‘Content Machine’ Sykes and Chipps ‘Contact List’ Chippendale are on their holidays? Anyway, we’ve been so busy, we’ve not had chance to tell you about every new bike that was revealed this week, so here’s a quick recap of the ones you may have seen, and some you might have missed.

1. YT Decoy 29

Subtle Ghost Ship Green

It all kicked off on Thursday, with the launch of the new YT Decoy 29, an addition to the line up from YT aimed at giving better pedalling on technical climbs. At a competitive price, if it’s as good as the original YT Decoy, this may well prove a hit, especially with those who don’t just winch and plummet.

Hop on over here to read the full details on Singletrack Charged.

2. Commencal Supreme

Also on Thursday, Commencal revealed the updated Supreme – their big downhill bike for pro hooning and dual crown descending.

3. Salsa Rangefinder

Friday saw the launch of two bikes from Salsa. First up was the all new Rangefinder, a hardtail clearly designed to appeal to those coming into the sport.

4. Salsa Timberjack

Big trees and a BMX?

Not strictly a new bike, with just new colour options and build kits – which doesn’t affect UK buyers too much as the Timberjack will be a frame only option over here.

5. Bird Aether-7

The first of the bikes that didn’t make the front page – mostly because its creator, Ben, was so busy selling bikes to you lot that he didn’t have time to put out a press release. Instead, they just went straight up on his website.

Designed specifically for riding man-made bike park style trails, Ben has designed in a few features for the muddy UK:

  • Price: from £2,356 (complete bike), £1,050 (frameset)
  • 27.5″ wheels
  • 140mm Front/ 130mm Rear
  • Bird Phase 3 Trail Geometry, 65° HA, 76° SEA
  • Short Seat Tubes to maximise dropper post length
  • 425mm Chainstays
  • 2.6″ tyre and mud clearance
  • Continuous gear cable outers for maximum mud protection
  • Check out this link for further tech specs

6. Kinesis Range Adventure E-Bike

Spot the battery

On to Monday, and another bike that didn’t make the front page – this time because it arrived with no notice and we were busy with a bunch of other bikes we knew were coming. Hold your horses for Tuesday!

The Kinesis Range is a drop bar bike with Fazua motor – very similar then to the Cairn Adventure 1.0 that we recently reviewed. The Range boasts the following features:

  • Price: £3,500
  • Aluminium Frame with 50C Tyre Clearance
  • Galactic Iridescent Paint Job
  • Full Carbon RANGE Fork with Luggage Mounting Points
  • Fazua Evation Drive System with Top Tube Remote
  • Removable 252Wh Battery
  • Rack and Mudguard Compatible
  • SRAM Apex 1x Drivetrain
  • WTB Riddler 45C Tyres
  • Weight: 15kg (size medium)

There’s a fair amount of similarity between specs, the key differences perhaps being that the Kinesis comes with SRAM Apex brakes, and 45C tyres, while the Cairn comes with SRAM Rival and 40C tyres. The Kinesis will have also the new Fazua control in the top tube. The geometry is different, which will of course affect the handling, so here for your convenience are the two geo charts.

The Kinesis Range is also available as a flat bar option, at £3,150.

Flat bar Kinesis Range

7. Pivot Switchblade

Headscarves on to keep your hair in place, it’s Tuesday, when we have a triple bike launch coming at you! First up was the new Pivot Switchblade, which had been given the modern geometry treatment, been prepped for all kinds of electronic future proofing, and had a flip chip added.

Do those grips match?

The new Pivot Switchblade has also been on a diet, thanks to a new carbon layup called ‘Pivot Hollow Core Carbon’. The most noticeable physical change is however the new vertical shock positioning, which is apparently not only good for trail performance, but also gives you room for a bottle cage – very important in Pivot’s dry Arizona home.

8. Specialized Turbo Levo SL

Quite possibly the bike launch that’s caused the most excitement we’ve seen in a while, this new super light e-MTB from Specialized turned a lot of heads. There were quite a few that admitted that this was the e-MTB they’d been waiting for.

Is this the e-MTB you’ve been looking for?

While the price of the Founder’s edition and S-Works model grabbed a few social media headlines, with the alloy model at £5,000 it’s not just for dentists.

9. Canyon Strive CFR

With its Shape Shifter technology, the Canyon Strive is almost two bikes in one – perhaps we should have called this ’10 bikes in 7 days’. The new Strive CFR takes the existing Strive and gives it a carbon makeover, reducing its weight by 300g. The frame is then dressed in all that a pro racer could want, making it race ready. You don’t have to be a pro to buy one though – they’re on sale now, and compared to some of the bikes launched this week, the £5,599 starting price looks like a steal.

We appreciate those lines.

….and so we’re back to Thursday. So far as we know, the only new thing landing today is the latest edition of Singletrack Magazine. Get you issue 129 here, if you’ve not already had it through your door. We’re all off for a little lie down before next week’s news starts rolling in.

Get it while it smells good – and before they sell out!

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    You know you’re getting old when you baulk at a £5.5+ bike as being a steal…

    I love it when companies selling e-bikes photograph the bikes against a black background to disguise the huge fugly downtube…

    I love it when companies selling e-bikes photograph the bikes against a black background to disguise the huge fugly downtube…

    You think that’s what’s going on, do you?

    Despite the fact that the downtube is perfectly visible anyway?

    Ohhhh Kay…

    Pivot Switchblade is a STUNNER!


    Those ebike things certainly do not help your lungs on those flattish tracks

    Either that or you’ve got lurgy

    Then there is price which I doubt they’ll sell many of hence why they pulled the figures outta the clouds for a riot of a laugh

    So yeah all in Speshy sure is like the even blander uber expensivo version of SC

    I’m sure that Kinesis is a great bike, but the paint job !

    Brings back bad memories of one of those ‘Dance your way to France’ disco ferry trips in the late 80’s.

    Can’t help thinking this fad of colour-shift and sparkly paint that Spesh, Trek and some others are using at the moment will date very quickly

    Or do I need to just “Get with it, man”?

    @tdog you’re right, Mark has been poorly all week, basically since the day after the bike arrived! He’s moved on from pale and shivery to pale with a hacking cough today. There are ominous signs that the cornervirus is spreading from his side of the room towards me, via Ross and Andi.

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