Eye Spy a Pipedream Full Moxie full-suspension steel bike

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It’s no secret that Pipedream is working on a steel full-suspension bike, but could this be our first glimpse of the slender suspension gem?

Pipedream put themselves on the map with the Moxie, a hardtail that has proven that long, low, and slack needn’t be reserved to the hardcore crowd.

The Moxie became a cult classic in the hardtail community, but this classic might be joined by a full-suspension frame that shares the same moxie very soon.

Cast your mind back to last year, and you might remember a teaser for a steel full-suspension frame and now we have more proof of its existence.

In an Instagram Story shared this evening, we get a quick glimpse of a blue bike that is a Pipedream, but quite clearly is not a hardtail, could this be the Full Moxie?

Full Moxie is that you?

The video is fast and blurred, but do we see a slim steel full-suspension bike? Is that a single pivot design?

Ok that’s a rubbish screenshot but how about this?

pipedream moxie leak
Full Moxie is that you?

If you’re reading this story 24 hours after the IG Story then not to worry, we have more possible video proof for you below;


Certainly looks like it has bouncy bits, doesn’t it?

We’ll send an email over to Pipedream Cycles to see if they can reveal anything about their new bike but in the meantime fans of steel full-suspension bikes should read this and if anyone has a better image of the Full Moxie please share it below in the comments section.

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