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Scratch Cover from France provides you with everything you need to repair your scratched fork stanchions and make them like new again.

Scratching your bike is just a part of mountain biking, sure it sucks but your bike is going to get beaten up a little bit. BUT! Scratching the stanchion of your fork is totally different.

Scratch Cover stanchion repair kit
Fit scratches like these with the Scratch Cover kit.

For anyone who has scratched that shiny black coating of their fork, or even worse that luscious gold coating, the deep-down feeling of sadness you get from scratching a stanchion is probably the most upsetting/annoying thing that can happen to you on a ride. Or is that just me?

Ok, so it’s hardly the end of the world, and most of us have managed to fix a scratch using the tried and tested nail polish method, but surely there has to be a better way to repair it?

Scratch Cover stanchion repair kit
Better than nail polish?

Now there is! Thanks to a keen mountain biker from France, the more clumsy of us can now repair our fork or shock stanchions with the Scratch Cover kit.

Each kit comes with everything you need to remove scratches, prevent the risk of fork leaks, and there’s enough in the kit to fix up to 5 repairs.

Scratch Cover stanchion repair kit
Everything you’ll need to fix 5 scratches.

The kit contains resin, special applicators, gloves, a fine sanding paper, sanding block, and alcohol cleaning wipes. There are currently both clear and black colours options on sale, but a special Kashima gold version is in development too.

Windwave is distributing the Scratch Cover kit in the UK for £34.99, which is more expensive than nail polish, but it is harder wearing and developed specifically for the job. It’s also a lot cheaper than replacing your stanchions, the crown they’re bonded to and the steerer.

We’re going to have a search around the workshop for some scratched up forks to test this kit out on and will let you know how easy it is to use and what the results are, and will post our findings soon. In the meantime head over to for more info.

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