Bath Urban Bike Park – Your Future MTB Destination?

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Bath… Baath… Baaarth… That historic city in the South West of the UK, famed for its architecture, spa, rugby and…perhaps, mountain biking? However you say it, Bath and North East Somerset Council has launched a consultation on the future use of what is currently Entry Hill Golf Course. Suggested options include a family cycling and mountain bike park.

The eagle eyed among you may well observe a passing similarity to Singletrack Reader Award nominated Leeds Urban Bike Park. In Leeds, the City Council took what can certainly be seen as an innovative decision to turn its former golf course into a Bike Park, and what a success it has been. Anyone who has been there in the time since it opened will have observed its huge and growing popularity. If there was any doubt that it is attracting people to the area, you need only look at the car parking, which has doubled in size since opening and still makes use of overflow space at weekends. You might say that so much traffic is undesirable, but so is lack of exercise, and Leeds Urban Bike Park is full of people of all skill levels getting out on their bikes, including plenty of local teenagers. It’s surely hard to argue that it’s not a more inclusive use of land than it was as a golf course?

It’s also acted as a centre for events and even video shoots. The recent Calibre Bossnut and Nukeproof Scout launch videos were both shot at Leeds Urban Bike Park.

If you haven’t guessed, we’re big fans of this use of civic space. Need more persuading? How about Antony’s column on the future of mountain biking:

If you want to give your views on whether the Entry Hill Golf Course would make a suitable site for something similar, then there’s a survey – designed for those that live in or visit the area – being conducted on behalf of the Council to determine what the future use of the site should be. If you’re a Bath local, why not fill it in?

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    Well deserved, MBR, in association with SRAM voted Leeds Urban Bike Park the best commercially built trail in the UK, here’s hoping that Bath have the same vision in increasing its cycling audience.

    Sounds absolutely brilliant. So much area wasted on a few folk walking round whacking a little ball. Right next to Odd Down Cycle Circuit and a park and ride 1/2 a mile up the road.
    The transport system will need work, Baths already bonkers in that area.
    Dedicated shuttle buses with trailers from the cities park and rides could work and much needed cycle routes to the park for local riders too.
    Lets hope they pull it off!

    Bizarely, i was driving to work this morning thinking about how much Bath needs some proper mountain bike facilities! I was busy dreaming up the perfect bike park, lovely cafe, bike hire, even accomodation, right in the hills around Bath. There is so much potential!!!! Its a hilly city and lacks any sort of proper mountain bike facility in any shape or form. Going to do this survey now and share it around my fellow Bathians!

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