Christmas Countdown Day 21 | Win an Invisiframe kit, decals and a hat!

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Happy Christmas! Tune in now for your chance to win another Christmas Countdown prize from Invisiframe!

Today you could win an Invisiframe kit to suit your fame, plus a set of custom-designed fork decals and even a bobble hat to keep warm too.

Invisiframe is an excellent way to keep your bike frame looking like new for longer but in addition to protection from scrapes and knocks, Invisiframe also makes cleaning your bike easier too!

invisiframe christmas countdown
Protect that frame!

Each set is designed for your frame and even size of frame too, and they are each designed and computer-aided printed to ensure fitting is a breeze.

InvisiFRAME – How frame protection is meant to look 

invisiFRAME was setup in 2011 from a personal desire to protect their pride and joy.

As they say, ‘There is nothing quite like getting your new bike, but nothing worse than that little stone chip and transport damage when something goes wrong.’

Lee Reegan, the founder of invisiFRAME along with his wife Vicky goes on to say:

‘Before founding invisiFRAME I worked in an industry where I had access to automotive grade protection film, I used this to painstakingly cut out my first frame protection. This was closely followed by requests from my fellow riders who could also see the value in this, so I set about protecting as many frames as I could with the tools I had’.

‘From here we teamed up with stockists, suppliers, bicycle industry boffins, race teams and riders to develop a product that allows the bike you’ve bought to shine through, whilst offering industry leading protection’.

Using automotive grade XPEL film, Lee and the team painstakingly plot out protection to fit the main contact points of the major bike brands premium offers.  The film is available Matt or Gloss and is incredibly thin, so you get to see your new bike, rather than covering it up.  

The product is a real DIY option but is also available through their ever-increasing distribution networks of local bike shops, again making sure the customer has options.

Working closely with suppliers gives Lee and the team early access to many of the newest frames available, so they are in a very strong position to have kits available when the new bikes drop.  

They now have over 39,000 variants available to buy, meaning they not only have the best quality film available but they have the largest selection of custom cut kits for the leading bike brands.

As demand has grown so has the company and so has the product range offered.  Something they were getting asked for more and more were custom or replacement decals.  Working with some of the leading brands in the industry they have grown this side of the business and now offer a myriad of stock or custom options to suit your tastes.    

This has enabled customers to pimp their rides without covering up the natural aesthetics of the bikes they originally chose. This has been a welcome addition to the business and is opening up more and more unexpected new avenues.

Keep an eye out for the invisiFRAME sticker on bikes from your local trail to the worlds stage, because that’s the only obvious sign that invsiFRAME is protecting yet another person’s pride and joy.  After all, the film is clear for a reason, it’s how frame protection is meant to look. 

Check out to view the full range of kits and decals currently available or contact for any bespoke requests.


Why protect your bike?

We often get asked what InvisiFRAME is all about.  In essence its simple, it’s about protecting your bike from ride and transport damage to keep it looking pristine and ultimately increasing its long term value.

Protect your bike from stones and impact damage whilst out on a ride

Whether you ride off road or on road, the chances are at some point in the life of your bike it’ll either be struck by a foreign object, put in an uplift or you take a tumble.  The fact we use automotive grade film from XPEL means it can withstand a lot of the impacts keeping your frame fresher for longer. 

It protects your bike from transport damage

Commuting around or heading to the trails, the strain your bike is under whilst being buffeted about on a train or being constantly folded and unfolded or being loaded and unloaded from tow bar, roof carrier or being slung in the boot after a hard ride, all takes its toll.  InvisiFRAME helps protect against all these annoying rubs and bumps, by placing protection where it’s needed most.

Protection from cable rub

Our kits protect key parts of the frame, especially those susceptible to cable rub, so no more unsightly yellowy peeling patches which may have been in the right place when you stuck them on but somehow the wear is now half an inch lower and wearing through your frames paint!

Non Yellowing

Using automotive grade Xpel film not only gives hard wearing protection it is also anti-yellowing, so unlike cheaper alternatives the film will remain clear and won’t yellow, meaning your bike looks better for longer

Ease of clean

$hit don’t stick to invisiFRAME like it sticks to shiny new paint, so it washes off much easier and makes the post ride scrub down a much simpler affair.

Long term value

Protecting your frame ensures when you finally come to replace your new bike (we know you can’t imagine a day that will happen, but it just might!), the resale value for your frame will be significantly higher than if it has been chipped and worn through your love for riding.

Easily replaceable

If your bike does take a hefty hit and the film is damaged in some way we can supply a replacement part so you can redo the scuffed section

Long Lasting

Provided it is installed correctly it is also incredibly resistant to peeling, doesn’t yellow and maintains its clarity ensuring your bike stays looking sharp. 


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Christmas Countdown Day 21 | Win an Invisiframe kit, decals and a hat!

The winner of day 20 is:

  • thered

We will email you after Christmas to arrange shipping!

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