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…riding my bike and not dicking around with the environment too much.

We have reprinted one of our favourite t-shirt designs on a great quality organic shirt. Using organic cotton is one way for us to shrink our environmental impact, as organic cotton does away with nasty agrichemicals. Did you know that cotton covers around 2 per cent of agricultural land, but accounts for a whopping 25 per cent of the pesticide use? This causes pollution, soil degradation and health risks to the people who work with cotton. I learnt all of this from The Soil Association.

Be nice

So, be nice, don’t muck the world up and treat yourself to our new shirt.

Or be nasty

But hey, if you don’t care, and want to dick with the environment, we do have a handful of the non-organic ones left. They have already been produced, so you are not really stimulating more non-organic production, and we would rather they were not on our shelves.

At Singletrack we are having a good think about what our Merch’ is made from, and steadily transitioning to organic materials. You can find more Singletrack products in our merch store.

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    Oh Bugger, no long sleeve version?!

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