Alpinestars Vector Tech Pilot MIPS Helmet Review

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Over the past few months, Andi has been rocking the bright red Alpinestars Vector Tech Pilot helmet with MIPS and he’s come away impressed!

Alpinestars might be best known for their motorbike clothing, but over the years the brand has been responsible for mountain bikes (anyone remember those?) and mountain bike clothing and safety gear.

The Alpinestars range has pretty much every item of clothing to keep you covered and protected while riding your mountain bike, and for those of you who like to coordinate you’ll be happy to see that colours and patterns are designed to create a complete riding outfit.

Alpinestars Vector Tech Pilot MIPS Helmet Review

For this review, I’m going to focus on the Alpinestars Vector Tech Pilot helmet, but over the next few weeks, I’ll also have a review of the matching kneepads too so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Costing $179.95 (there is no UK pricing) the Alpinestars Vector Tech Pilot is a top-end helmet aimed at serious trail and enduro riders, and as such comes with a collection of features that we’ve come to expect from a high price tag.

Alpinestars Vector Tech Pilot MIPS Helmet Review
A MIPS liner for rotational protection.

Of course, safety is paramount in helmet design and so it’s hardly surprising that Alpinestars has built the Vector Tech with a MIPS liner. MIPS is a rotational liner system that is designed to absorb forces that can cause internal head injuries during a crash.

Alpinestars Vector Tech Pilot MIPS Helmet Review
MIPS inside.

MIPS is available across a broad range of helmets and there are different ways a brand can implement the system. Alpinestars has opted for thin internal shell that is fastened to the main body of the helmet via elastic MIPS tabs. This ensures that the shell, the part of the helmet in contact with your head can float upon impact.

Alpinestars Vector Tech Pilot MIPS Helmet Review
Removable pads for comfort.

Fastened to the MIPS liner are a total of 6 replaceable pads. Each pad is made of a breathable, quick-drying material with antibacterial properties. A 7th pad is fitted to an adjustable rear strap with an easily adjustable dial to fine-tune fit on the fly.

How I think I look.

The shell of the Alpinestars Vector Tech Pilot helmet has some pretty unique features, and the styling is a little more ‘futuristic’ than other helmets, in fact, it looks a little like the helmets worn by the heroes of the Anime series G-Force.

A large visor is fitted up front offering plenty of coverage from sun glare and has 3 adjustable positions. In it’s highest position there’s plenty of room to stow away your goggles and the 2 front vents are just the right spacing for the arms of your sunglasses to fit inside.

In total there are 19 good size vents all across the helmet and throughout the summer I’ve not managed to overheat in the Vector Tech Pilot helmet even when riding in some really hot conditions.

Alpinestars Vector Tech Pilot MIPS Helmet Review
Lot’s of coverage to the rear.

Coverage is excellent with the rear of the helmet hanging low for lots of protection for the back of your head, but there are 2 unique extensions at the front of the helmet too.

These two mini pylons cover the temples of your head offering additional protection and coverage that other helmets don’t offer. They look a little odd, but the added protection and peace of mind is well worth it.

Alpinestars Vector Tech Pilot MIPS Helmet Review
Great come rain or shine.

I found the fit of the Alpinestars Vector Tech Pilot helmet to be slightly tighter around the sides, but not uncomfortably so, with ample room for airflow and comfort over the top of my head.

The simple to use dial on the rear makes adjusting the helmet and getting a perfect fit a breeze, while the simple plastic under chin buckle is lightweight and effective. Personally, I prefer a magnetic style clasp but the buckle on the Aplinestars is secure and feels well made, plus the strap adjustments have stayed put during my time using the Vector.


Alpinestars Vector Tech Pilot MIPS Helmet Review
In full Aplinestars mode.

For riders wanting huge amounts of coverage while retaining a cool airflow, the Alpinestars Vector Tech Pilot helmet is certainly one to search out. Coverage, comfort and cooling are all top-notch and I love the addition of MIPS and those temple protection zones.

Overall a comfortable and feature-packed helmet with unique features and styling.

Review Info

Brand: Alpinestars
Product: Vector Tech Pilot MIPS Helmet
From: Alpinestars
Price: $179.95
Tested: by Andi Sykes for 3 months

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