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It could be you!

Every week or so we pick a winner from our newsletter list, and they get a £50 Singletrack Merch voucher that can be used against subscriptions or our awesome hip flasks, shirts, and arse cream etc.

Our random number generator (aka Andy Techno Pigg) has pulled a winner from our virtual hat and it’s …. wait for it.

It’s “BramleyBorn”, aka David, and he now has a £50.00 voucher in his Singletrack account. Woohoo!

singletrack merch shop gifts for maontainbikers
Bars, arse cream, wooly hats, coffee, hip flask….

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The Merch store is filling up with pretty damned awesome stuff, all ideal Christmas gifts for mountain bikers. You will find lots of woolly hats, new t-shirts, and we must not forget the Singletrack Salvation bum cream. Have a look here Singletrack Merch Shop

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Comments (2)

    so who got it and how do you know?

    A chap called John won. I know this because we randomly selected a winner and it was this John guy. So I added a £50.00 credit to his Singletrack account. Maybe one day is full on identity will be revealed, as I have asked for a picture of him looking turbo happy about winning. If he sends that, I will share that with you all.

    We will randomly select another winner next week… “it could be you”!

    In it to win it… and various other marketing slogans.

    Lots of love…

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