The Cycle of Good, is rather good.

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We are really jazzed to get these new Cycle Of Good Christmas presents into the Singletrack Merch store for you. They are not only awesome Christmas gifts, but they are also doing things that other products cannot do. Let me explain…

The really cool thing about these products is how they are made. You see, they are made in Malawi using recycled materials (Malawi is between South Africa and Yorkshire, but nearer South Africa). Cycle of Good train tailors in the world’s poorest places so they can earn a decent living and support their families. All the money Cycle of Good make pays for childcare and non-profit social enterprise in Malawi. And that is why they are called “Cycle Of Good”.

The Courier bag

Outside its canvas and recycled inner tubes, but we have also used lasers (yeah, just like in Star Wars) to etch “Singletrack” into the bag. The interior print is ablaze with stunning vibrant colour. “Downstairs Tom” a young chap who works here at Singletrack actually made a strange gasping noise, bordering on a wee scream when he first opened the bag!

The Wash (Booze) Bag

Let’s get this straight right from the off. This is described as a wash bag, and is no doubt rather good at that sort of hygiene stuff that is so fashionable nowadays. However, at Singletrack, we are dirtbags at heart, and we could not fail to notice that it is much the same size as a six-pack of tasty craft ales. You say wash bag. We say booze bag.

Singletrack beer wash bag

The Turbo Neat Belt

The Singletrack Recycled Inner Tube Belt is made from four layers of recycled inner tube, using this clever design of layering the inner tube not only gives the belt a sleek, smooth look but also stretches slightly, a little like the elasticated waists on mature gentlemen’s slacks. Don’t knock it, you will arrive at this point sometime in your life, so just embrace it now.

You will also find two poppers securing the buckle, which means you can change your buckle with just two quick pops to suit your look. Perhaps you have a country AND western buckle for those trips to Arizona or the local village hall. 

And they are also Vegan. They don’t actually make them out of Vegans, but it is good to know that no animals were involved in the making of your new belt.

inner tube recycled belt

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