2020 Team Rumours: Laurie Greenland signs with Red Bull

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It is well and truly the time for 2020 season spoilers with news that Laurie Greenland has signed with Red Bull hitting socials!

Just like our news that Rob Warner could be moving to Vitus for 2020, this post also comes through official sources but isn’t currently official… if you get what we mean.

Anyway, those of you who fall Gee Atherton may have already seen the following post.

As you can see it shows a bunch of Red Bull athletes at a Red Bull event earlier today. Look through those famous faces and you’ll notice Gee and Rachel Atherton, Matt Jones and many others.

laurie greenland redbull
We see you!

But hang on! Enhance and zoom! Who’s this sat between Matt Jones and Sebastian Keep? Is that Laurie Greenland? Could that awkward expression be because he know that he shouldn’t really be seen in a Red Bull hat just yet?

We would say that this is definitive proof that the young Mondraker rider has signed for that energetic bull brand which is certainly excellent news for his career and we look forward to seeing what Laurie can do in 2020 with this extra support.

While the photo does spill the beans on Laurie Greenland’s great news, the fact that both Myriam Nicole and Tahnee Seagrave are missing from the photo does raise questions.

Keep posted for more 2020 ream rumour news on Singletrack World coming soon.

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