Singletrack Issue 127 | Going Over To The Dark Side

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Sanny and Dene head out on a pre-dawn mission proving that winter shouldn’t be a barrier to fun.

Words & Photography Sanny

Be honest. It’s hard not to feel your heart sink, if only just a little, at the thought of the impending winter. Shorter days, colder temperatures, muddy trails – they don’t exactly entice you in the way that the sun on your skin and the seemingly endless days of summer can. Instead, a routine of endlessly charging lights, drying shoes and heading out in winter slop on dreary grey days and inky black nights awaits. While magazines and the internet do a roaring trade in images of riders blasting down dusty singletrack trails under a canopy of verdant green with the warming sun and azure blue skies above, you would be forgiven in believing that this is the only truly enjoyable type of mountain biking. Tempting as it may be to hang up the wheels and go to (whisper it) the gym, or the pub, let me be the one to open your eyes to the art of the possible. Ladies and gentlemen, for your consideration, I give you the dawn raid.

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David Gould

Singletrack Contributor

By day, Sanny plies his trade as a Chartered Accountant and Non-Executive Director. By night, however, give him a map and the merest whisper of a trail "that might go" and he'll be off faster than a rat up a drainpipe on some damn fool mission to discover new places to ride. Rarely without his trusty Nikon D5600, he likes nothing better than being in the big mountains, an inappropriately heavy bike on his back, taking pics and soaking up the scenery. He also likes to ride his bike there too although rumours that he is currently working on his next book, "Walks with my bike", are untrue (mostly).

Fat biking, gravel riding, bikepacking, road biking, e biking, big mountain adventures - as long as two wheels are involved, you'll find him with a grin on his face as he dives off the side of a mountain, down a narrow lane or into deep undergrowth in search of hidden trails and new adventures.

His favourite food is ham and mushroom pizza and he is on a mission to ride all of the Munros, mostly as it allows him to indulge in eating more pizza.

He has no five year plan, is a big fan of the writing of Charlie Connelly and reckons that Kermode and Mayo's Film Review Podcast is quite possibly the finest bit of broadcasting around.

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