Singletrack Issue 127 Classic Ride | The South Downs

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They say variety is the spice of life – how hot do you like your spice?  Words & Photography Tom Hutton All I could think about was a pint of ice-cold Coke. And I don’t even drink Coke. In truth, it wasn’t all I could think about, nor was it even the treat I’d desired most at that precise moment – that would have been a plunge into the icy, clear, blue-green waters of a tumbling mountain stream. But that was just never going to happen near Worthing.  The chilled sugar-fest may have only been second best, but it was...

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Mark Alker

Singletrack Owner/Publisher

What Mark doesn’t know about social media isn’t worth knowing and his ability to balance “The Stack” is bested only by his agility on a snowboard. Graphs are what gets his engine revving, at least they would if his car wasn’t electric, and data is what you’ll find him poring over in the office. Mark enjoys good whisky, sci-fi and the latest Apple gadget, he is also the best boss in the world (Yes, he is paying me to write this).

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