Juliana Joplin – The Adventure Bike With 10mm More Fun for 2020

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First look at the 2020 Juliana Joplin with an added 10mm of travel, updated VPP suspension platform, slacker geo, adjustable dropouts and plenty of build options.

2020 Juliana Joplin

The Joplin is the women’s version of the Santa Cruz Tallboy. Built for long days in the saddle with 29in wheels, a sleek lightweight frame, adjustable chainstay length, 120mm VPP® lower link rear travel, 130mm fork and the option to run up to 2.6in tyres.

Joplin between the two colour options for the Tallboy

For 2020 we see an added 10mm of travel front and rear, the frame is 2° slacker, and it is now available in size XS.

Low shock mounting

Another big change for the 2020 Juliana Joplin is the new VPP suspension platform. As seen on the Maverick, mounting the shock lower in the frame offers benefits such as increasing standover height and improving the centre of gravity.

There’s a little mudguard built in

The new linkage has a flip-chip so you can set the Joplin to Hi or Lo. Juliana suggest Lo for riding steeper trails, although it only makes a minor change to the head angle, taking it from 65.7° in Hi to 65.5° in Lo.

Chainstay length can be altered by 10mm

There’s now an axle flip-chip to alter the chainstay length by 10mm. The longer setting for a more stable ride at speed, and the shorter one presumably being more playful. The axle chip also allows you to run up to 29 x 2.6in tyres.


There are three models in the 2020 Joplin range, each with two build options. Pricing is the same as the Tallboy for equivalent models (whoop!):

  • AL D – £2,899
  • AL R – £3,299
  • C R – £4,199
  • C S – £4,999
  • CC X01 – £6,199
  • CC X01 Reserve – £7,299

Juliana Joplin – First Ride Impressions

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Spoilt for choice on colours

For more tech info check out the Santa Cruz Tallboy first look.


Travel & accommodation for this trip were covered by Santa Cruz

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