Welsh made Unite Components – The Bike Place Show 2019

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Welsh designed and manufactured pedals, chainrings, stems and more from upstart brand Unite Components.

Andi and Ross have spent the day at this year’s The Bike Place Show, and while many of the items they saw are under strict embargo, there are a few things that they can talk about like this range of shiny new components from Unite Components.

For those of you who don’t know, Unite Components is an up and coming brand based in Wales that specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality components in Britain. Unite has already seen success with a range of chainrings and chain guides, but at The Bike Place Show, we saw what the company has coming in the near future.

Unite Components Instinct Pedal

Unite Components Instinct Pedal
Unite Components Instinct Pedal coming soon.

The Instinct Pedal is a fresh new product from the company and one that they’re pretty excited about. Featuring an oversized CNC machined body that measures in at 113 x 102mm, these flats have plenty of room even for the largest of feet, but they remain respectably lightweight at just 219g each.

Each Instinct pedal is machined from 6082-grade alloy, runs on 4 x IGUS bushes and 2 x cartridge bearings, and a black nickel plated axle to prevent corrosion. The pedal body has a total of 20 pins (10 per side) and concave design for maximum grip.

Unite Components
10 lovely pins on either side for your shins to meet.

Unite will offer the Instinct pedal in red, yellow, blue, purple, green and black and each pair will cost just £99.99, which isn’t at all bad for a pair of quality UK made pedals is it?

Unite Components Renegade Stem

Unite Components Renegade Stem
Design and made in Wales!

This zero rise stem will come in either 35mm or 42.5mm lengths and there will be options for both 31.8mm and 35mm bars. Unite has designed the Renegade stem to be stiff with a wide face place and offer an optimal clamping zone for carbon bars.

Unite Components Renegade Stem
A 3D printed proto of the Unite Components Renegade Stem

Like the Instinct pedal, the Renegade is manufactured in Wales from 6082 alloy and will be available in red, yellow, blue, purple, green and black and will be priced competitively at £84.99.

Unite Components Renegade Bar

Unite Components Renegade Bar
Coming soon!

While they didn’t have one on hand to show us, we also learned about the new Renegade bar which is coming soon. We don’t know the full details but we do know that Unite plans on getting the weight to 310g for an 800mm wide bar.

Unite Components will offer the Renegade bar in a choice of 20mm or 30mm rise each with the same 8° back sweep and 5° upsweep, but only 35mm wide bars will are planned at this time.

For more details and to see what other products Unite Components have to offer, go and take a look at their website here. Keep your eyes peeled for more news from The Bike Place Show 2019 coming soon.

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