Viathon – The new brand poised to take on the USA

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From Impact Sun Valley in Idaho, Hannah brings us a look at Viathon, a new brand with some big hitting financial backers.

You could launch a new bike brand in a blaze of publicity and radical geometry, or you could fairly quietly develop just three bikes and focus on delivering really good customer service. That’s what Viathon bikes is seeking to do, firmly setting its sights on the online retail market.

Viathon bikes
Expect to see this out and about in the USA.

For now, the bikes are only available directly from If you place an order, you’ll get a call back to check your measurements, sizing, and requirements, in an effort to ensure you get the right bike from the get-go. Just in case it’s not right, there’s a 60-day money back return policy.

The line up includes just three bikes: a road bike called R.1, a gravel bike called G.1 and a hardtail mountain bike with 120mm fork called… M.1. Did you see that coming? Bikes come equipped with well-recognized components such as SRAM, Zipp, and Stans’ No Tubes, on a good/better/best three-point pricing structure, with all models starting below $2500. The pricing goes right up to top spec stuff, with the SRAM AXS and Rock Shock SID Ultimate equipped M.1 due to come in somewhere between $6500-$7000.

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Hannah’s travel and accommodation was provided by CrankTank/Impact Sun Valley.

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Comments (5)

    The brand name sounds like a pharmaceutically enhanced sex endurance event.

    @joemmo Now you’ve said it I can’t unthink it.

    Love the opening line “You could launch a new bike brand in a blaze of publicity and radical geometry, or you could fairly quietly develop just three bikes and focus on delivering really good customer service.”, I’m SICK with envy

    Sorry @stwhannah . Some things are better unthunk

    This years Aurora event sucked up all the Viathon production for the 2nd quarter! Shoulda bought stock….

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