Fresh Goods Friday 454: Purple Rain, a Big Bird and a 1960’s Schwinn!

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Fresh Goods Friday is come around already this week packed with the latest purple kit from Nukeproof a retro Schwinn a new Bird and more.

We knew that if we hung around long enough mountain bike fashion would finally come full circle and purple would be back in again. Honestly though, did anodized purple ever really go out of fashion? I still fondly remember my shiny X-Lite bar ends in purple with matching Tranz X bottle cage on my original Giant MTB from back in the day. Ah, the good old days…

Speaking of the good old days, just check out this special piece of history in Fresh Goods Friday!

Fresh Goods Friday 454: 1964 Schwinn Traveler

  • Price: Priceless
  • From: U.S.A
fresh goods friday 1964 Schwinn Traveler
Classic 1964 Schwinn Traveler

No, it’s not a mountain bike, but it’s a pretty special American import so you’re getting a look. This is Hannah’s birthday bike, a 1964 Schwinn Traveler in ‘Coppertone’ colour with a Bendix kickback two-speed hub and coaster brake. Yes, backwards pedaling results in both braking and gear changing – try figuring that out after a gin or two. While it does have a front fender, she will mostly be saving this bike for better weather because it is older than she is and rather precious, plus it has some nice tassels on it that would look sad in the rain. It had a rough ride home on the plane, so she needs to fix a nipple before she can take on the hills of Calderdale. She’s likely to have both nerves and thighs of steel after a few local rides on this bike – luckily it has a kickstand, which makes it ideal for quick soothing stops at ice cream shops, pubs or just general retro posing.

NukeProof Horizon Purple Stem

fresh goods friday NukeProof Horizon Purple stem
Now available in purple!

Short, stiff and purple, just how we like our stems here at Singletrack HQ and they don’t come much shorter, stiffer or more purple than the new Nukeproof Horizon stem. The stem makes up part of the new range of purple, see below, and is going to end on the front of a rather pretty bike.

Rotor Kapic Carbon Cranks

  • Price: $379.99
  • From: Rotor
fresh goods friday rotor carbon cranks
Super lightweight carbon cranks.

To celebrate 7 victories at the legendary Cape Epic, Rotor has created this carbon KAPIC crankset. Designed for the demands of rigorous marathon racing, the KAPIC Carbon is a cutting edge design and Rotor claims that it is the lightest and stiffest crankset that they have ever produced. We’re not sure on the weight of our set as Jason Miles has already nabbed them, but a 175mm set with 32t chainring weighs just 429g. Review incoming.

NukeProof Horizon Purple Riser Bar

NukeProof Horizon Purple Riser Bar
More purple for your 90’s nostalgia trip.

To match our stubby little stem, we have this set of matching Horizon riser bars. Nukeproof has sent over a 780mm wide bar with a 25mm rise, but there also 800mm wide, 38mm rise options available too. Each bar has a 9° back-sweep and 6° up-sweep, and if purple isn’t your thing they are available in other colour choices too.

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Peaty’s Disc Brake Cleaner

fresh goods friday Peatys cleaner
No more squeaky brakes.

Peaty’s is adding more bicycle specific product to its range. No, this isn’t the much talked about Peaty’s bike deodorant with patented “Peaty Effect”, but a disc brake cleaner in a satin black aerosol can. Peaty’s claims that this fast-evaporating formula will effectively dissolve all greate and oil from your disc brakes for improved braking performance and reduced brake squeal. Awesome sauce!

Peaty’s XXX Solvent Degreaser

fresh goods friday peatys degreaser
Not a very strong mint.

A “Readily biodegradable” solvent degreaser from Peaty’s with 3 x X’s on the can to show you just how strong this stuff is. Extra, Extra, Extra strong, and “Maxxx strength”, this potent sounding spray is for dissolving oils, greats, and waxes from your drivetrain. It can also be used for removing bitumen, tar and road film too and is applied via the built-in high-pressure head. We seriously cannot wait to get our bikes dirty enough to warrant using this.

NukeProof Horizon Purple Lock-On Grips

fresh goods friday NukeProof Horizon Purple Lock-On Grips
Sticky lock on grips.

Nukeproof’s lock on grips gets the purple treatment too. Dual locking collars keep them in place while a small flange ensures you stay in control. We like them and it looks like hoverflies like them too.

The Rough-Stuff Fellowship Archive

the rough stuff fellowship archive
More retro riding madness.
It’s a photo-heavy coffee table book from the picture archives of the Rough Stuff Fellowship – the world’s oldest off-road cycling club (formed in the fifties). Divided into the seasons of the year, it shows riders, in leather shoes, knitted sweaters and cotton shorts on their adventures in the UK and beyond. Riding steel touring bikes with full mudguards, they rode (or often pushed) up Snowdon, or Sty Head, or around Iceland, powered presumably by jam sandwiches and ginger beer.

NukeProof Horizon Pro Purple Flat Pedals

  • Price: £75.00
  • From: Hotlines
NukeProof Horizon Pro Purple Flat Pedals
Flat pedal thunder.

The Horizon Pro flat pedal is a firm favourite of flat pedal riders for their durable build and plentiful grip. These purple variants run on 2 high-quality DH bushing and 4 sealed cartridge bearings. The body is forced from 6061-T6 alloy with a CNC finish and there are options for either Cro-mo or Titanium axels.

Ride Concept Shoes

Ride Concept Shoes
As worn by the Athertons and the STW crew.

Ride Concepts is a pretty new name on the flat shoe market, but they’re already making waves after sponsoring the Atherton’s, Sam Pilgrim, Kyle Strait, Mille Johnset plus many more. Ride Concepts has a pretty comprehensive range that even includes sandals.

Ride Concepts Hellion shoes
Ride Concepts Hellion shoes £119.95
Ride Concepts Livewire shoes £99.95
Ride Concepts Livewire shoes £99.95

Ride Concepts does things a little differently from other brands and offers a range of sole options ranging from Max Grip 4.0, the softest compound in the range, High Grip 6.0 for all-around grip and tracking, and Mid Grip 8.0 for riders more concerned about pedal efficiency.

The shoes are made from fast drying materials, get molded toe and heel protection and even make use of D30 protective and damping inserts.

Ride Concepts Livewire shoes £99.95
Ride Concepts Livewire shoes £99.95
Ride Concepts Hellion womens shoes £119.95
Ride Concepts Hellion women’s shoes £119.95

Shoes are available in youth sizes, men and women, with sizing developed to be gender specific for optimal comfort.

Disco Brakes Brake pads

Brake pads
A party in a brake pad?

Disco Brakes has sent through a bunch of different brakes pads to suit all variations of popular disc brake systems and in a range of compounds and designs. Disco Brakes pad options include semi-metallic, copper-free, sintered and ceramic and with pricing from just £6.75 a pair, they’re very affordable too.

NukeProof Horizon CS Purple SPD pedals

NukeProof Horizon Purple SPD pedals
Clipped in thunder? Nah, doesn’t sound right…

The CS is the slightly smaller version of Nukeproof’s clip in SPD pedal and uses design elements from the Horizon flat pedal. There’s a dual-sided cleat engagement system offering up to 4 degrees of float.

NukeProof Horizon Purple Seatpost Clamp

NukeProof Horizon Purple Seatpost Clamp
The final piece of the purple puzzle.

The final piece of the purple puzzle is this neat, CNC machined Nukeproof seatpost collar, perfect for keeping your dropper in place.

Bird Aeris 120 LT

Bird Aeris 120 LT
Bird Aeris 120 LT

This Bird Aeris 120 LT is in for an upcoming magazine test, and as the name suggests this is the longer travel version of the standard 120 with 130mm of rear wheel travel… Up front, we have a 140mm travel, short offset, Pike Ultimate, and there’s a smattering of top of the range SRAM components including the latest Guide Ultimate stoppers on here too. Our review bike is a medium/long frame with a 66° head angle, 74.8° seat tube and a reach of 470mm.

And now for the most obvious musical choice of the year.

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    Gotta love purple anodised…

    Good to see that Peaty is thinking about our planet, frikkin aerosols, really !!

    Friday: As I spend Thursday in Yorkshire looking after grandchildren, on Friday morning I am worn out, and sit around waiting to see the Fresh Goods. It was with great joy I discovered it had come early this week. Ordinarily I regard it as evidence of a parallel universe, where money means something different. Even though I am in possession of a pension so large as to piss off the Daily Mail the products on the whole are beyond my wildest imagining. Not so today! I have ordered a copy of the RSF Archive, though sadly it will not be published until 1 October 2019. I have treasured memories of the late Dick Phillips of the RSF. In 1996 I was with him and others in the North West of Iceland on a cycle tour. Dick and his wife drove a support vehicle. It was a dubious East European military vehicle, and was so unreliable that the cyclists could not set off each morning until it had been established that he could get it to start. Dick could not fathom my adoration of Bolton Wanderers, and yet in spring 2001, when they were promoted to the Premiership via the play off final, he took the trouble to telephone the remote Icelandic hostel I was staying in (Fjotsdalur) to ensure I received the news.

    That’s the best bike on FGF for many a long year.

    The Schwinn, obviously. I like the Bird too, but that Traveller is awesome.

    Looking forward to your Bird review

    @tthew Glad you like it! It certainly makes me smile. Many thanks to @fahzure for the awesome birthday present.

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