Met Helmets Teases New Convertible Parachute Helmet

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Met Helmets has today released a cool video, shot in the Highlands of Scotland, showing Kevin Miquel and Liam Moynihan winching up hills before hooning back down them. And it’s all in the name of promoting an as-yet announced new Met Parachute helmet.

A bit of heavenly lighting there…
Has to be Scotland, right?

The video can be found here:
And here, if you can’t see it.

But wait! Is that a chin bar on his pack? I thought the Met Parachute was a fixed full face helmet?

Along the way, they take in a cosy bothy, take in some views and take on some lovely looking loamy turns. What’s interesting to spot, even for those without Bat-vision, is that the guys are riding with open face Met Parachute helmets one minute, and full faces the next. The end of the video also shows the guys turning a knob on the side of the helmets and whipping the chin-bar off.

In proper tease-mode, Met tells us to tune in on the 29th – next week. We’re sure we’ll see then.

A good looking open face helmet with a bolt-on chin bar? We’ll bite…

The blurb goes on about how the helmet is for going up, down and sideways. We’re not sure if that’s deliberate sideways, or accidental sideways, but we’re sure they’ve got you covered…


We’ll wait approximately four minutes before someone comes along to identify this bothy for us.

Your tea’s getting cold.
Are you sure that kettle is flame rated?

The original Met Parachute was a popular helmet – for its (rather spindly looking if you ask us…) very open full face design. When it was revamped a few years ago, we expected a removable chin bar, but didn’t get one. Instead, there was a decent full face, but that’s not what most trail riders (and enduroists) want, so it’s good to see the new Met Parachute appears to be just what we asked for.

It’s even a good-looking open face lid too…
So that’s how it works. Apparently we’ll find out in a week…
That’s just milking it, OK?
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